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Corporate Identity Number of our association licensed by Govt. of India is: U80902MP2018NPL045871; Income Tax PAN No. AACCW2124L; TAN No. BPLW00441A

Please join World Researchers Associations for knowledge and research. Please submit your manuscripts to our double peer reviewed journals FREE - NO CHARGES

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We will organize World Commerce Congress at Indore, India in year 2019 and we will organize World Science Congress at Cruise in year 2019. Dates and venue will be announced soon.

Join World Researchers Associations for knowledge and research in any field.


Welcome to World Researchers Associations

We welcome you to join "World Researchers Associations" - an international no-profit organisation for promotion of research in any field: Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Earth Sciences, Disasters, Engineering and Technology, Management and Commerce, Food, Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences, Cosmetics Sciences, Synergy, Medical Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Education, Nutrition, Health, Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Law, Sports Sciences, Spiritual Sciences, Yoga, Advanced Computing and Robotics, Languages and many more.

Our website is (One can also type; Please contact us for any query at:

Our mission is Save Earth ; Save Environment. We hope to plant 50000 trees in coming 18 months with co-operation of you all. Many organisations of the world are supporting us.

Our objective is to promote noble cause of research in all fields of knowledge ; to keep everyone connected with latest research in any field; to provide a bigger platform for interaction; to help young researchers in achieving their goals and in completing their projects; to assist them in publication of their research work and to assist them financially as well if they are doing quality research. For research students, we have "Work for Us" scheme where they can earn as well.

We wish that all researchers, professors, scientists, engineers, doctors, lawyers, research institutes, industries, various universities and colleges, conference organisers etc. should join us for noble cause of research for benefit of society and mankind.

We have three types of memberships. Of course, membership of association is optional for publication of manuscripts in WRA journals.Through annual and fellow member subscriptions, we will support young researchers in their projects, paper publication, conferences and so on.

1. Fellow (Life) Membership- FWRA - Fellow of World Researchers Associations : To be paid only once (Rs. 25000/- for Indians; US$ 2500 for internationals) and you can write FWRA for life time e.g. Dr. J. Garg, Ph.D., FWRA. Fellow membership has many benefits.

2. Annual Membership- MWRA- Annual Member of World Researchers Associations : To be renewed every year ( Rs. 5000/- for Indians; US$ 400 for internationals ) and you can write MWRA for that period e.g. Dr. Brian Booth, Ph.D., MWRA.

3. Annual Membership-Students-MSWRA- Annual Member (Student) of World Researchers Associations : To be renewed every year ( Rs. 3000/- for Indians; US$ 300 for internationals ) and you can write MSWRA for that period e.g. Ms. M. Smith, M.Sc., MSWRA.

We publish few journals at present under " WRA Journals" (Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment; Research Journal of Bio Technology; Disaster Advances; Advances in Management; International Research Journal for Quality in Education; Research Journal of Bioinformatics; NanoMatBioChemDev and Global Research in Medical Sciences). We wish to add many more journals soon in all the subjects and fields of research in coming years. We do not believe in pay journals. Pay journals block creative research. No Nobel Laureate has published research work in paid journals. We do not charge any kind of fees (open access contribution charge, submission charge, per page charge, publication charge, processing charge, membership of associations/journal etc.) for submission, acceptance and publication of manuscript for any of our journals. Some of our journals are at present indexed in SCOPUS, Chemical Abstracts Services, UGC, NAAS and Indian Citation Index etc. We were indexed with SCI earlier and we hope to get indexed with SCI and other agencies soon. Please contribute your manuscripts free to us.

Join our present journals and coming journals as editors and reviewers. We will also recommend your name to other journals as reviewers and editors. We have scheme of paying reviewers as well. Our manuscripts were being reviewed through ScholarOne (unit of Thomson Reuters/Clarivate Analytics) since last three years on payment to ScholarOne. We are starting reviewing service at our own because we have good database of reviewers. Therefore other journals can also contact us for peer review of their manuscripts at nominal price.

We organise two congress every year- we will organise World Commerce Congress at Indore, India in year 2019 and we will organise World Science Congress at Cruise outside India in year 2019. Please get registered soon.

We do collaborate with other conferences of the world. We publish proceedings and special issues of other conferences. We welcome you as key note speakers or invited speakers in our congress. Other Conference organisers on request will also be provided names of keynote speakers, invited speakers, interested participants etc. from our membership data.

Please request your friends, colleagues and students to contribute manuscripts for Journals and join our association WRA.