Disaster Advances

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Disaster Advances

Inversion on Viscoelastic Mechanical Parameters of Concrete Dam based on Bernoulli Neural Network

Zhao Erfeng*, Zhu Yantao and Cao Xin

In view of viscoelastic properties of concrete dam, the generalized kelvin model has been taken into dam deformation simulation under the action of rising and persistent water level separately. Furthermore, the inversion analysis has been carried on concrete dam viscoelastic mechanical parameters to make full use of the advantage of Bernoulli neural network in nonlinear system simulation. These methods have already been applied to the world's highest arch dam during impoundment period.

The result shows the effectiveness of the inversion method on monitoring effects reflecting dam non-linear deformation behavior. Moreover, arch dam time and space deformation characteristics has been interpreted from mechanical mechanism when dam viscoelasticity inversion parameters are used to amend the FEM simulation model.

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Assessment of runoff potential of Tehri sub-watersheds based on geomorphology and runoff index

Kumar Arunish*, Babbar Richa and Ratha Dwarikanath

The study of response of a basin to any hydrological phenomenon is crucial for early management of extreme events that can happen on the basin. By comparing and analyzing the geomorphological parameters of different watersheds in the basin, one can study the vulnerability of a basin to these extreme events. In this study, runoff potential of four sub watersheds of Tehri Basin in India has been evaluated based on three considerations: geomorphology, Snyder’s Synthetic hydrograph and Runoff index. The area drained by four rivers namely; Jadh Ganga, Kedar Ganga, Bhagirathi and Bhilangana in Tehri basin is considered for the study.

A comparative analysis of the four sub watersheds was made based on linear, areal and relief aspects of geomorphology. The priority weights were derived from pairwise comparisons of each aspect from experts using Analytical Hierarchical Process. A cumulative weighted index called runoff index, was thus developed for each watershed. Based on the observations from each of the three considerations, it was concluded that Bhilangana watershed has more potential for contributing to flood like situation in Tehri basin. The usefulness of this study lies in its application to prioritize the watersheds and to undertake early flood control measures on a basin scale.

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An Empirical Study to identify factors causing Landslides using Multiple Linear Regression Model (MLR)

Evangelin Ramani Sujatha

Landslides cause social and economic damage to communities living in the hill and mountain regions of the world. Landslides are caused by a variety of factors. The effect of these factors in causing landslides depends on the regional set-up of the area. This investigation reports the major causes of landslides in the Tevankarai stream watershed. The correlation between landslides and the factors causing landslides was tested using Pearson’s Correlation. The influence of selected parameters on landslides was analysed using the Multiple Linear Regression Model.

The study showed that aspect does not appreciably aid in causing a landslide but soil type, land use and slope significantly contribute to landslides in the Tevankarai stream watershed, Kodaikanal Taluk, India. Landslide susceptibility map was generated using a combination of weights obtained from the multiple linear regression model and frequency ratio. Dense settlements, traffic corridors and intensively cultivated areas were identified as zones highly susceptible to landslides.

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The spatial distribution of drought index in dry season in Tien Giang province under representative concentration pathways scenarios 4.5 and 8.5

Hung Dao Ngoc*, Thuong Tran Van* and Hieu Nguyen Trong

The Mekong River Delta and particularly in Tien Giang Province played crucial duty in providing rice to Viet Nam and over the world more broadly. However, drought in dry season has influenced around natural, socio-economic activities and environment, especially in agriculture and water supply. It is projected that these activities will become more serious in the climate change context.

In this study, the DrinC software was used for calculating Reconnaissance Drought Index on periods of 1978 – 2015, 2016 – 2035; besides, Lagrange Interpolation Formula and Inverse Distance Weighting were also applied for interpolating spatio-temporal values of temperature, rainfall and drought based on the results of RCP 4.5 and RCP 8.5 scenarios in Vietnam. The maps showed the frequency of drought in dry season published for predicting spatial distribution of drought index in times of climate change.

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Integration of TDR based Radio Communication System for Monitoring of ground movements in Open pit Mines

Guntha Karthik* and Singam Jayanthu

This study presents overview of accidents due to ground control problems in Indian mines along with the impetus on the need of innovative applications of trans-disciplinary work for improving safety in mines, and need based industry oriented research. Recent disaster on 29.12.2016 at about 7 pm due to slope failure at Rajmahal mines ECL, indicated the lacuna in providing sufficient information to the employees engaged near the working places about the impending danger which would have saved few lives with effective online data/alarm to the persons engaged below the working benches/slopes at right time. Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) is gaining widespread attention as a cost-effective method to monitor ground movements in soil and rock. It has been used successfully for many years to monitor deep-seated failures in soil deposits and for monitoring many kinds of movements in rock masses.

This study describes the integration of TDR directly with Arduino boards and XBee modules for real-time transmission of slope monitoring data as a part of Ministry of Mines, Government of India (GOI) sponsored project. Laboratory investigations were conducted using TDR without data logger for real-time transmission of data generated by TDR. For this purpose, interfacing modules, Arduino boards, XBee modules are used and software modules are developed using Arduino-Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Software. The data captured by the TDR was successfully transmitted using developed integrated system.

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Questionable risk-based dilemma for flood hazards in modern rural region of China

Qi Shanzhong*, Liu Haili and Sun Weijun*

Previous study indicates that flood hazards in modern urban region of China frequently occur. In China, the rural region is particularly more vulnerable to flood hazards than that of cities. This short communication investigates the risk-based dilemma for flood hazards in modern rural region of China which mainly reflects in two aspects namely humanistic factors and environmental factors.

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