Research Journal of Biotechnology

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Research Journal of Biotechnology

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1. Identification of bacteria species in aquaponics system using RapID system and 16S rRNA sequencing

Wong F.H., Lim L.H. and Teo S.S.

Page No: 1-14; doi:; Full Text

2. In vitro evaluation of the anti-mycobacterial properties of the extracts of Momordica Charantia

Giftson Paul, Joseph Jerrine, Kalyanasundaram Revathy, Ramesh Kumar V. and Aruni Wilson

Page No: 15-22; doi:; Full Text

3. Microbial conversion of optically active (R) 3 Chloro-1,2-propandiol by Clavispora lusitaniae MGR5 KY209902

Suresh Kumarasamy, Vasuki Selvaraj, Mathiyazhagan Narayanan and Muthusamy Ranganathan

Page No: 23-29; doi:; Full Text

4. Production and purification of polyclonal anti-chicken IgY immunoglobulins in Goats and conjugation with Horseradish Peroxidase

Navaneetha P., Anil M., Manasa M., Reddy N. Aparna, Reddy Ch. Satya Sagar, Krishna Satya A. and Rathnagir P.

Page No: 30-34; doi:; Full Text

5. Optimization of medium components to improve the antimicrobial activity of a new Saharan actinobacterial strain Saccharothrix tamanrassetensis DSM 45947

Bakour Keramane Leila, Boudjella Hadjira, Bouras Nouredinne and Mathieu Florence

Page No: 35-47; doi:; Full Text

6. Elucidation of the effect of concomitant administration of Metformin and Diclofenac Sodium on insulin resistance, pro-inflammatory cytokines and oxidative stress markers in in vivo models

Indu Rania, Adhikari Anjan, Sur T.K. and Basak Piyali

Page No: 48-57; doi:; Full Text

7. An Integrated Brain ECVT and EEG System for Epilepsy Imaging

Edison Rizki Edmi, Ihsan Muhammad Fathul, Rohmadi Rohmadi, Pratama Sra Harke and Taruno Warsito Purwo

Page No: 58-63; doi:; Full Text

8. Enhanced production of extracellular lipase by ethyl methane sulfonate from soil fungal strain in submerged and solid-state fermentation condition

Chaudhary Priya, Sharma Arun Kumar and Janmeda Pracheta

Page No: 64-70; doi:; Full Text

9. Mix Grain Tempe from Soybean (Glycine max) and Jack Bean (Canavalia ensiformis) as a Precursor of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitor

Sofiana Hesti Indra, Andriati Ningrum and Sri Anggrahini

Page No: 71-78; doi:; Full Text

10. Function of Serum Adenosine Deaminase as an Indicator of Immune Status in HIV Patients treated with Combination Antiretroviral Therapy

Nikam Shashikant, Allannavar Sneha, Nikam Padmaja and Patil Giridhar

Page No: 79-83; doi:; Full Text

11. Production and characterisation of thermostable alkaline protease from Bacillus subtilis isolated from LA hot spring, Terengganu

Alias Maslinda, Che Harun Mohammad Hakim, Razali Nurul Ashraf, Saidin Jasnizat, Rasit Nazaitulshila, Mohd Zaideen Izyan Munirah and Hamzah Sofiah

Page No: 84-91; doi:; Full Text

12. Xylanase production by halophilic bacterium Gracilibacillus sp. TSCPVG under solid state fermentation

Poosarla Venkata Giridhar and Chandra T.S.

Page No: 92-100; doi:; Full Text

13. Studies on Genetic Diversity and Population Structure of Tasar Silkworm, Antheraeamylitta.Drury

Renuka G. and Shamitha G.

Page No: 101-113; doi:; Full Text

14. Process Improvisation Strategies for the Enhancement of Lipase Activity

Das Prama and Chattopadhyay Soham

Page No: 114-121; doi:; Full Text

15. Isolation and Characterization of Extracellular Enzyme (Glutaminase and Urease) producing Bacteria isolated from Soil Samples of Different Regions of Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India

Sharma Neha, Kaushik Shuchi and Tomar Rajesh Singh

Page No: 122-129; doi:; Full Text

16. Lignin peroxidase: Optimization of media for higher productivity by single factor optimization method

Shukla Shruti and Padhiar Anjali

Page No: 130-135; doi:; Full Text

17. String Analysis to identify the Activity of Gyrinops versteegii derived Lauric Acid against Breast Cancer

Hidayati Lisna, Ridwan Nur Fathurahman, Margiyanti Nova Eka, Ramadhani Anggia Noor, Wardana Taufik Adhi Prasetya and Nuringtyas Tri Rini

Page No: 136-140; doi:; Full Text

18. Assessment of polymorphism using RAPD in the generalized hemiparasitic plant Helicanthes elasticus (Desv.)Danser collected from six different hosts

Ajithkumar T.G., Lizzy Mathew and Sunil Kumar K.N.

Page No: 141-149; doi:; Full Text

19. Computationally predicted virus responsive miRNAs in banana (Musa AAB)

Mathew K.S.A., Athira Subramanian, Soni K.B., Swapna Alex, Sreekumar J. and Kiran A.G.

Page No: 150-179; doi:; Full Text

20. Identification of bioactive compounds and potential inhibitors for Breast cancer from Musa sapientum peel – An in vitro and in silico approach

Sangavi P., Rajapriya R., Sannathul Firthous, Langeswaran K. and Gowtham Kumar S.

Page No: 180-196; doi:; Full Text

21. Characterization of the hypothetical proteins of Human Papillomavirus DNA consensus sequence

Jamkhedkar Suruchi

Page No: 197-202; doi:; Full Text

22. Analysis of growth kinetics and colony-forming unit efficiency of human dental pulp stem cells cultured in different media and supplements

Chethan Kumar, Shetty Shishir, Kurkalli Basan Gowda, Shetty Veena and Mohana Kumar Basavarajappa

Page No: 203-210; doi:; Full Text

23. A short review of CD73 Role in Cancer

Farhad Hariri Akbari, Lucija Slemc, Mahdi Alizadeh, Mahnaz Hatami Fard and Peymaneh Shafaei

Page No: 211-219; doi:; Full Text

24. A concise critique on Breast Cancer: A historical and scientific perspective

Manobharathi V., Kalaiyarasi D. and Mirunalini S.

Page No: 220-230; doi:; Full Text

25. MAPK: A promising signaling pathway in targeted therapy for the treatment of NSCLC

Thirunavukkarasu Muthu Kumar and Karuppasamy Ramanathan

Page No: 231-239; doi:; Full Text

26. Plants as Potential Antimycobacterial Agents and their various Screening Methods

Revathy Kalyanasundaram, Jerrine Joseph and Wilson Aruni

Page No: 240-248; doi:; Full Text

27. Probiotics and its Applications: A Systematic Review

Cyriac Rajath and Datta Riya

Page No: 249-254; doi:; Full Text

28. Biological Activities of Plant Polysaccharides, Mechanism of Action and Biomedical Applications

Govindarajan S. and Ayesha Noor

Page No: 255-272; doi:; Full Text