Research Journal of Biotechnology

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Research Journal of Biotechnology

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1. Characterization and expression of a cellobiase Cba2 of Cellulomonas biazotea: the first bacterial β-glucosidase demonstrated to possess a genuine signal peptide

Siddique Faiza, Lam Chui Chi, Ng Ka Lun, Chan Anthony Kwun Nam and Wong Wan Keung Raymond

Page No: 1-14; Full Text

2. Optimization of culture conditions for extracellular cholesterol oxidase production from Castellaniella sp. for cholesterol conversion to 4-cholesten-3-one

Devi Sunita, Chauhan Vivek and Kanwar Shamsher S.

Page No: 15-25; Full Text

3. Comparative analysis of drought responsive calcium sensor genes and identification of global minima of calmodulin-1 by using conformation sampling approach

Lopus Merlin

Page No: 26-35; Full Text

4. Effect of chitosan-based coating enriched with starch nanocrystals and orange oil on the nutritional properties of tomatoes

Neethu H. and Ananthakrishnan J.N.

Page No: 36-46; Full Text

5. MALDI-TOF MS and Molecular methods for identifying Multidrug resistant clinical isolates of Acinetobacter baumannii

Kumar Sunil, Anwer Razique, Yadav Mukesh, Sehrawat Nirmala, Singh Manoj, Kumar Vikas and Sharma Anil K.

Page No: 47-52; Full Text

6. In silico and in vitro anti-cancer Study of Coleus zeylanicus Leaves Extract on PBMC and MCF7 cell lines - A potential reservoir of Bioactive molecules

Lakshmi M., Nandagopal S. and Ganesh Kumar A.

Page No: 53-63; Full Text

7. Production of catechol type of Siderophores by Bacillus Altitudinis and Paenibacillus species isolated from root nodules of Vigna Trilobata (L.) Verdc. Cultivars

Kranthi kumar G., Silpa D. and Raghu Ram M.

Page No: 64-67; Full Text

8. Antimicrobial, antibiofilm, anti-quorum sensing and motility inhibition activities of essential oil from seeds of food spice Xylopia aethiopica (Dunal) A. Rich. on some pathogenic bacteria

Tamfu Ngenge Alfred, Ozgur Ceylan, Chi Fru Godloves, Yasmine Arab, Mehmet Emin Duru and Mehmet Ozturk

Page No: 68-76; Full Text

9. Locally bred rabbits (Lepus nigricollis Cuvier) for antibody production

Ikawati Muthi, Anggoro Dicky C., Hijriyanti Ayusti P., Putra Agus, Wangi Gustia T.S. and Pratiwi Sylvia T.

Page No: 77-83; Full Text

10. Effect of Chenopodium album root, shoot, leaf and bud aqueous extracts on physical and biochemical parameters of wheat seedlings

Mehta Anurshi and Chowdhury Parul

Page No: 84-94; Full Text

11. Association of single nucleotide polymorphisms in miR-101 and Pre-miR618 with breast cancer susceptibility in a Vietnamese population

Nguyen Thi Ngoc Thanh, Huynh Huu Luan and Nguyen Thi Hue

Page No: 95-102; Full Text

12. Epidemiology of malaria during pregnancy in Mangaluru city in the southwestern coastal region of India

Chandrashekar Valleesha N., Dayanand Kiran K., Kishore Punnath, Achur Rajeshwara N., Kumari Suchetha N. and Channe Gowda D.

Page No: 103-108; Full Text

13. Association of Genetic Polymorphism in Leptin, Leptin Recptor, Resistin and FABP2 genes with type II Diabetes mellitus in patients of Rural South Western Maharashtra

Durgawale Pratik P., Datkhile Kailas D., Patil Virendra C., Devkar Vasant V. and Kakade Satish V.

Page No: 109-114; Full Text

14. Antibacterial eventuality of secondary metabolites produced by rhizospheric fungi isolated from diversified soil of Narmada river and forest region Jabalpur

Deshmukh Loknath, Maravi Manoj and Sandhu Sardul Singh

Page No: 115-120; Full Text

15. Antiproliferative activity of four in vitro Zingiberaceae oils using human breast cancer cell line

Parida Reena and Nayak Sanghamitra

Page No: 121-125; Full Text

16. Cytotoxic and antimicrobial activities of the Saudi Arabian Marine Algae Enteromorpha prolifera

Albalawi Marzough A.

Page No: 126-130; Full Text

17. Bioactive potential of exopolysaccharide from marine bacteria Halomonas titanicae

Pandiaraj Maheswari, Shunmugiah Mahendran, Subbiah Sankaralingam and Natesan Sivakumar

Page No: 131-136; Full Text

18. Factors affecting In Vitro Callus Induction in Fenugreek (Trigonellafoenum-graecum L.)

Burdak Anita, Jakhar M.L., Punia Monika and Choudhary Jeet Ram

Page No: 137-140; Full Text

19. Plantaricin A of Lactobacillus plantarum IYP1718 playing a role in controlling Undesirable Organisms in Soil

Syaputri Yolani, Parwi and Iwahashi Hitoshi

Page No: 141-147; Full Text

20. In vitro haploid production in sunflower genotypes and homozygosity assessment using microsatellite marker

Patil N.D. and Bhalerao S.R.

Page No: 148-154; Full Text

21. Optimization of Total Genomic DNA Extraction from Fresh and Mature Leaves of Eighteen Tropical Forest Tree Species without treatment of Proteinase K

Tanzeem Fatima and Sreedevi C.N.

Page No: 155-161; Full Text

22. Biotinylation of Yeast Histones and its Characteristics

Muammar Arief and Wang Chien Chia

Page No: 162-169; Full Text

23. Phenotypic, genomic confirmation and antibiotic studies of Escherichia coli from ready-to-eat foods vended in Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu

Antony Jenifer and Karuppannan Sathiyamurthy

Page No: 170-173; Full Text

24. Effective use of cellulose degrading bacteria from vermicompost in converting carbohydrate biomass to alcohol and lactic acid

Gayathri L.N. and Nair Preetha

Page No: 174-182; Full Text

25. Genetic Causes of Male Infertility and Emerging Potential of Stem Cell Therapeutics

Sarojini Suma and Agarwal Rashmi

Page No: 183-189; Full Text

26. Plant Virus Identification and Management

Marwal Aviansh and Gaur R.K.

Page No: 190-193; Full Text

27. Electrical signaling in plants: Without neurons, a way to regulate and organize

Narasimhan S. and Bindu S.

Page No: 194-197; Full Text

28. Wild relatives: a treasure trove to improve crop plants to achieve sustainable crop production

Get Sonu, Bajya Madhu and Saran Rajwanti

Page No: 198-208; Full Text