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Vol. 16(10) October 2021

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1. Molecular Identification and Phylogenetic Study of a Novel Pravastatin-producing Fungal Strain

Seydametova E. and Zainol N.

Page No: 1-8; doi:; Full Text

2. Effect of plant derived epinephrine on Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Menon Sandhya, Pius Jessy, Palekar Sachin and G. Nandini

Page No: 9-12; doi:; Full Text

3. Optimization of pCMV3-Nog-C-GFPSpark Electro-transfection in MCF-7, a Breast Cancer Cell Line

Aghvami Tehrani Azadeh, Latifi-Navid Saeid, Zahri Saber and Sagha Mohsen

Page No: 13-18; doi:; Full Text

4. Deciphering the Amendment-Induced Secretion of Ligninolytic Enzymes by Pleurotus pulmonarius

Thiribhuvanamala G., Parthasarathy S. and Ahiladevi P.

Page No: 19-26; doi:; Full Text

5. Carbohydrate-binding specificity of concanavalin lectin from Canavalia spp.

Suvarna Geetha, Sharma Bhagya B. and Kandikere R. Sridhar

Page No: 27-32; doi:; Full Text

6. Evaluation of the probiotic potential of yeasts isolated from Indian fermented food items

Aggarwal Sunita, Sen Aparajita, Rastogi Aayushi and Nigam Arti

Page No: 33-42; doi:; Full Text

7. Synergistic Apoptotic Effect of Naringenin on enhancing the Anti-Glioma Efficacy of Temozolomide in an in vitro Experimental Model

Daisy Precilla S., Shreyas S. Kuduvalli, Sathish R. and Anitha T.S.

Page No: 43-49; doi:; Full Text

8. Computational Atom-based Three-Dimensional Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship (3D QSAR) Model for Predicting Anti-Dengue Agents

Khalid Ali Qusay, Avupati Vasudeva Rao, Hussain Husniza and Zaidan Tabarek Najeeb

Page No: 50-58; doi:; Full Text

9. Diagnostic accuracy of NMP-52, NMP-22 and urine cytology in the diagnosis of bladder cancer

Saadh Mohamed J.

Page No: 59-62; doi:; Full Text

10. Process conditions optimization and study of pH and thermal stability of free and immobilized gutaminase-free recombinant L-asparaginase II of Pactobacterium carotovorum MTCC 1428 from Escherichia coli

Goswami Rachna, Mishra Vijay Kumar and Dasu Veeranki Venkata

Page No: 63-74; doi:; Full Text

11. Atom based Profiling and Functional Enrichment analysis of Aquaporins

Johri Parul, Trivedi Mala and Singh Sujeet Pratap

Page No: 75-77; doi:; Full Text

12. Molecular cloning and characterization of NAD+ dependent isocitrate dehydrogenase enzyme from Shewanella putrefaciens

Akbas Fahri, Demirel Metin, Ozaydin Ahmet and Selek Sahabettin

Page No: 78-86; doi:; Full Text

13. Risk of respiratory viral infections after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in Indian patients

Jethani Jyoti, Samad Sameer, Kumar Prashant and Dar Lalit

Page No: 87-91; doi:; Full Text

14. Antifungal activity of rare actinobacterium isolated from forest soil

Sasidhar Muralidharan, Masilamani Selvam, Baskaran Abirami, Kaari Manigundan and Manikkam Radhakrishnan

Page No: 92-101; doi:; Full Text

15. Phytochemical characterization of Caraway (Carum carvi) seed extract and its use as a potent medicinal agent

Chauhan Vivek, Devi Sunita, Sharma Sonaxi and Kanwar Shamsher S.

Page No: 102-110; doi:; Full Text

16. Decolorization of mixture of UV/ TiO2 pre-treated azo dyes by using developed bacterial consortium – An excellent outcome

Shoa Shamsi, Bibi Fathima S.G., Sangeetha K., Niveditha S. and Venkata Krishna Bayineni

Page No: 111-119; doi:; Full Text

17. Biomedical applications of fish gut associated Streptomyces maritimus IM20 isolated from Rastrelliger kanagurta (Indian mackerel)

Vignesh Angamuthu, Gopikrishnan Venugopal, Anbarasu Sivaraj, Radhakrishnan Manikkam and Jerrine Joseph

Page No: 120-130; doi:; Full Text

18. The genetic diversity of the Vietnamese H’mong dog breed based on mitochondrial HV1 analysis

Thanh Hai Pham, Xuan Phuong Bui, Huu Coi Tran, Quang Duc Ngo and Dinh Duy Vu

Page No: 131-143; doi:; Full Text

19. Optimization of lipid accumulation in Pleurastrum insigne for biodiesel production

Chhandama Van Lal Michael and Satyan Belur Kumudini

Page No: 144-155; doi:; Full Text

20. A review on fatty liver disease or non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and hepatocellular carcinoma

Toman Daniel, Vavra Petr, Jelinek Petr, Ostruszka Petr, Ihnat Peter, Foltys Ales and Roman Jan

Page No: 156-162; doi:; Full Text

21. Technological tools and Biosensors for detection and diagnosis of COVID-19

Pooja More

Page No: 163-170; doi:; Full Text

22. Variations in Nucleosome Structure and Organization among Eukaryotes

Sinha Shruti and Chaitanya K.V.

Page No: 171-178; doi:; Full Text

23. Virophage: The hijacker of my hijacker is my friend

Kharisma Viol Dhea, Jatmiko Yoga Dwi, Ansori Arif Nur Muhammad, Wicaksono Adhityo and Mustafa Irfan

Page No: 179-185; doi:; Full Text

24. A critical review on predicting drug-drug reactions using machine learning techniques

Saran Kumar A. and Rekha R.

Page No: 186-188; doi:; Full Text

25. Insights into pathophysiology, immune response and treatment of novel CoVID-19

Kaur Manpreet, Kaur Rajinder and Gupta Reena

Page No: 189-197; doi:; Full Text

26. Caenorhabditis elegans: A promising contrivance to study neurotoxicity and oxidative stress

Singh Kiran and Yadav Shweta

Page No: 198-206; doi:; Full Text