Research Journal of Biotechnology

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Research Journal of Biotechnology

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1. GC-MS and LC-QTOF-MS Phytochemical analysis, antiproliferative and antioxidant activities of stems extracts of Retama monosperma grown in Algeria

Tighilet Karim, Palacios Francisco, Khettal Bachra and de los Santos Jesús M.

Page No: 1-14; doi:; Full Text

2. Apoptosis inducing potential of Cyclosporine C in human lung cancer cells (A549)

Pravallika Sagi, Tharani L.R., Rupachandra S. and Selvam Mario Prateek

Page No: 15-21; doi:; Full Text

3. Bioremediation of melanised poultry feather waste for production of mosquitocidal keratinase

Mandal Arpita, Paul Tanmay and Mondal Keshab Chandra

Page No: 22-30; doi:; Full Text

4. Phytochemical analysis and antibacterial activity of Punica granatum L. seed extract against clinically isolated uropathogens

Dash Khirabdhi Tanaya, Parida Banojini and Das Sarita

Page No: 31-47; doi:; Full Text

5. Analysis genetic variation and phylogenetic relationships of local lotus collected in Thua Thien hue province, Vietnam by DNA barcoding

Long Dang Thanh, Hong Hoang Thi Kim and Tram Le Ly Thuy

Page No: 48-56; doi:; Full Text

6. Multiplex PCR: A Molecular Modality for Rapid Detection of CTX-M-15, AAD A1 and QNR S1 Genes among Drug Resistant Clinical Isolates of Enterobacteriaceae in Kanchipuram, South India

Rubala Nancy J., Gururajan Gayathri, Murugan N. and Kaliyaperumal Kathireshan

Page No: 57-63; doi:; Full Text

7. Selection of suitable reference gene for gene expression studies during groundnut seed germination

Chaudhari H.A., Antala V.G., Radadiya N.G., Mahatma M.K. and Tomar R.S.

Page No: 64-71; doi:; Full Text

8. Standardization of protocol for shoot regeneration in Bacopa monnieri (L.) Pennell using leaf explants

Chauhan Ruchi and Shirkot Poonam

Page No: 72-77; doi:; Full Text

9. Screening and optimization of candidate alkaline protease for dehairing potential from marine Bacillus paramycoides M2

Mandragutti Teja, Dokka Muni Kumar, Sanapala Pavani, Karrotu Chandana Vineela and Godi Sudhakar

Page No: 78-89; doi:; Full Text

10. NifH gene analysis of endophytic bacteria of sweet potato under various climatic locations

Ali Md. Arshad, Hafiz Md Hafizur Rahman, Salehin Ahsanul, Hayashi Shohei and Itoh Kazuhito

Page No: 90-93; doi:; Full Text

11. Genetic profiling of Mitochondrial DNA revealed two variants of U2 haplogroup associated with T2DM in a South Indian population

Lakshmi G.L., Dasgupta Shruti, Salman Mohammed, Singh Mugdha and Sanjay K.R.

Page No: 94-101; doi:; Full Text

12. Induction of oxidative stress upon low level exposure of arsenic using lipid peroxidation assay in freshwater fish Channa punctatus

Jha Deepak Kumar, Mishra Bipin B., Pranay Kumar, Khan P.K. and Yashvardhini Niti

Page No: 102-106; doi:; Full Text

13. Comparative analysis of defence responses Triticum aestivum L in response to the endophytic Pseudomonas aeruginosa PM389 and the non-host microbial pathogens Erwinia carotovora and Fusarium monaliforme

Gupta G., Das Gupta A. and Jha P.N.

Page No: 107-117; doi:; Full Text

14. Establishment of an efficient in vitro propagation system for Holostemma annulare (Roxb.) K. Schum. using SH medium

Smitha Devi P.S., Preetha T.S. and Hemanthakumar A.S.

Page No: 118-124; doi:; Full Text

15. Development and standardization of culture media prepared by sugarcane juice, a natural source for causal agent of sugarcane red rot disease Colletotrichum falcatum

Vandana Priyam, Singh Dinesh, Srivastava Sangeeta and Guru Dayalram Guru

Page No: 125-142; doi:; Full Text

16. Expression of Estrogen Receptor Alpha (ESR1) in Breast Cancer: Role in Critical Diagnosis

Nayak B.B., Achary K.G. and Singh S.

Page No: 143-148; doi:; Full Text

17. A review on beauvericin production from Fusarium, its biosynthesis, mode of action and bioactivities

Rana Shiwali and Singh Sanjay Kumar

Page No: 149-157; doi:; Full Text

18. A review of the co-digestion of different organic wastes in biogas production

Thiruvengadam S., Kamalesh R., Gokula Narayanan S. and Sankar M.

Page No: 158-172; doi:; Full Text

19. The Role of TLRs in the Immunomodulation of Tumor Microenvironment

Singh Reetika and Das Asmita

Page No: 173-180; doi:; Full Text

20. An insight into neurotoxicity effects associated with Organophosphate exposure

Choudhury Suman and Kalita Jogen Chandra

Page No: 181-186; doi:; Full Text