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Vol. 18(1) January 2023

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1. Cloning, expression and anticancer activity of azurin from Pseudomonas aeruginosa VTCC-B-657

Trinh Dinh Kha, Nguyen Thi Thao, La Thi Huyen, Nguyen Thi Thu Huyen and Do Thi Tuyen

Page No: 1-6; doi:; Full Text

2. In Silico Prediction of Biomarkers from Amaranthus tricolor (L) Targeted against HIV-1 Protease

Sowjanya Pulipati and Srinivasa Babu Puttagunta

Page No: 7-14; doi:; Full Text

3. Extraction and quantification of 1-Deoxynojirimycin in Silkworm during metamorphosis and moulting stages

Sharmila Banu G. and Latha R.

Page No: 15-21; doi:; Full Text

4. In silico docking activity of bioactive compounds from Nigella sativa against EGFR protein

Rathikota Durga, Gorla Sashikanth Reddy and Yeguvapalli Suneetha

Page No: 22-28; doi:; Full Text

5. Effect of carbon nano colloid and its synergism with some antibiotics on Klebsiella pneumonia isolated from UTI of pregnant women

Aziz L.M., Wissam Qadry Mutaab Alqaissy and Ban M.A. Alani

Page No: 29-35; doi:; Full Text

6. GC-MS analysis and Larvicidal activity of Plectranthus amboinicus and Sphagneticola calendulacea leaf extract in relation to larvicidal activity against the mosquito Aedes aegypti

Vellaian Sathish, Shanmugam Kowsalya and Subramaniam Umavathi

Page No: 36-42; doi:; Full Text

7. Batch growth studies of industrially important fungal strains under pure sugar treatment

Verma Nitin and Kumar Vivek

Page No: 43-50; doi:; Full Text

8. Identification of Etiological Agent of Telya Disease of Pomegranate, its Pathogenesis and Control using Integrated Management Approach

Jain K., Marwal A., Sharma K. and Desai N.

Page No: 51-66; doi:; Full Text

9. Fabrication and characterization of hydrogel films using A. mylitta regenerated silk fibroin with Poly vinyl alcohol for biomedical uses

Dixit Shruti, Sherapura Ankith, Prabhakar B.T. and Vootla Shyam Kumar

Page No: 67-74; doi:; Full Text

10. In vitro and in silico studies on the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory potential of Piperine extracted from Piper nigrum

Ashwin Raj S., Karthikeyan R., Moni Philip Jacob K. and Yukeswaran L.

Page No: 75-83; doi:; Full Text

11. Association of cancer stem cell markers CD44 and CD133 expression with clinicopathological changes in Oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) and oral submucosal fibrosis (OSMF)

Awasthi Shriddha, Srivastava Anand Narain, Memon Anjuman Gul, Iqbal Mohammed Shariq and Ahmad Ausaf

Page No: 84-93; doi:; Full Text

12. Isolation, purification and characterization of polyhydroxyalkanotes from green algae (Chlorella sp.)

Dhivya M., Mirunalini A. and Thirumalai Vasan P.

Page No: 94-99; doi:; Full Text

13. Investigations of hemolytic activity and iron utilization sources of Vibrio alginolyticus ATCC 17749

Vibhuti Raj Kamal and Pramanik Avijit

Page No: 100-106; doi:; Full Text

14. In vitro antioxidant activities and molecular docking of Cassia auriculata medicinal plant

Chanderraj Pradeep and Sundaram Lalitha

Page No: 107-111; doi:; Full Text

15. Effect of Gamma Irradiation on Aspergillus tamarii FNCC 6151 to enhance Alpha-Amylase and Glucoamylase Production

Safitri Ika Octariyani, Megasari Kartini, Sardjono, Widada Jaka and Cahyanto Muhammad Nur

Page No: 112-116; doi:; Full Text

16. Comprehending Adult Zebrafish (Danio rerio) as a model organism for Alzheimer’s disease

Vitchanthangal Prathivathibayankaram Shreenidhi and Vaidyanathan Lalitha

Page No: 117-126; doi:; Full Text

17. A Systematic Review on Edible Vaccines

Polshettiwar Satish A., Khatavkar Swarupa, Vaidehi Gautam, Chandorkar Purva and Shastri Aarti

Page No: 127-134; doi:; Full Text

18. Endothelial Dysfunction associated with Diabetes Mellitus linked to extracellular signal-regulated kinase and inflammatory pathways

Menaka Priya Balaji and Devi Rajeswari V.

Page No: 135-146; doi:; Full Text

19. COVID 19 and Stem Cell Therapy: Treatment and Challenges

Awasthi Prankur and Hasan Saba

Page No: 147-155; doi:; Full Text