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Vol. 18(7) July 2023

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1. In silico Analysis of Spike Protein Glycoprotein A of Omicron variant and identification of variant specific peptide based Vaccine

Gadde Samata, Poda Sudhakar and Gundlapally Jyothsna

Page No: 1-6; doi:; Full Text

2. Phytochemical analysis, antimicrobial and antioxidant efficacy of Neolamarckia cadamba (Roxb.) fruit

Sharma Tarubala and Khandelwal Vishal

Page No: 7-15; doi:; Full Text

3. Effect of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi on Growth and Development of Zea Mays L.

Deshmukh R.B., Mane S.G., Phatake Y.B., Marathe R.J., Dange S.S. and Shinde B.P.

Page No: 16-22; doi:; Full Text

4. Potassium fertilization for improving water relations, photosynthetic pigments and antioxidant defence system in intercropping system of Gossypium hirsutum L. and Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp. under different irrigation regimes

Meenakshi Meenakshi, Punia Shweta, Batra Divya, Sinky Sinky, Rani Preeti and Singh Narender

Page No: 23-32; doi:; Full Text

5. In vitro propagation and genetic fidelity analysis of Celastrus paniculatus Willd – a vulnerable high trade medicinal woody liana of Western Ghats

Saranya Babu Jayaprakash C.M., Minoo Divakaran and Madhusoodanan P.V.

Page No: 33-39; doi:; Full Text

6. Characterization of IcaB protein Poly-N-acetylglucosamine (dPNAG) De-N-acetylase involved in Staphylococcus epidermidis biofilm formation

Prabu Ramachandira and Veeramani T.

Page No: 40-43; doi:; Full Text

7. Isolation and characterization of indigenous bacterial consortium for augmentation of biofertilizer potential for biogas plant waste (Jabalpur, M.P., India)

Sharma Juhi, Vishwakarma Vaishali and Bharati Akshay

Page No: 44-57; doi:; Full Text

8. Pharmacological studies of Selenium Nanoparticles synthesized from Syzygium aromaticum

Hemalatha Senthilkumar, Hariprasath Lakshmanan, Nishu Sekar and Selvakumar Dharmaraj

Page No: 58-68; doi:; Full Text

9. Atherogenic Index of Plasma and Oxidized-LDL as Strong and Independent Predictor of CHD in Young Smokers

Nath Dinesh, Shivasekar Meera and Vinodhini V.M.

Page No: 69-74; doi:; Full Text

10. Anticancer and antimicrobial activity of three different seaweed extracts

Annepu Ravi Kumar and Prattipati Subhashini Devi

Page No: 75-80; doi:; Full Text

11. Assessment of biological properties for decellularized human umbilical cord tissue: Biomaterials in regenerative medicine

Muthuraman Muthuchamy, Kumaran Subramanian, Chirayu Padhiar, Dhanraj Arvind Kumar and Desireddy Swathi

Page No: 81-90; doi:; Full Text

12. Isolation and Molecular Identification of Cellulase producing bacteria from soil and litter in Veerakkal forest area, The Western Ghats, India

Ramya E.K., Sharmila S., Mownika S., Abdul K. and Ann Suji H.

Page No: 91-104; doi:; Full Text

13. Antibacterial Activity of Silver Functionalized Bacterial Cellulose isolated from Acetobacter Tropicalis Jcp OK356208.1 from Rotten Orange

Jamsheera C.P. and Pradeep B.V.

Page No: 105-120; doi:; Full Text

14. Assessment of microbiological isolates from semen in men attending an infertility clinic in Meghalaya

Hynniewta Barry Cooper, Phanjom Probin, Kurbah Ronald Eleazer and Mynso Kapil Slong

Page No: 121-125; doi:; Full Text

15. Acute dermal toxicity study of flower essential oil from Etlingera fenzlii (Kurz.) K. Schum. in Wistar albino rats

Anand Aswathy A., Felix Shibin P., Mohan Maya, Shan Sasidharan and Radha R.K.

Page No: 126-130; doi:; Full Text

16. Effect of Surfactant on controlling the Size of Octadecylamine-based Solid Lipid Nanoparticles and Toxicity

Kirmizitaş Fatma Ceren, Varli Hanife Sevgi, Demirbilek Murat and Türkoğlu Nelisa

Page No: 131-141; doi:; Full Text

17. Preliminary Phytochemical Analysis and Screening of Environmental Influence on Constituents of Saptaparni Leaves

Palshikar Gautam and Shanmugapandiyan Pitchaimuthu

Page No: 142-148; doi:; Full Text

18. Green synthesis and characterization of silver nanoparticles from Nephelium lappaceum fruit peel

Vijayasanthi Murugan, Mahendran Shunmugiah, Harishma Ravikumar and Doss Asirvatham

Page No: 149-156; doi:; Full Text

19. Effects of high-temperature stress on crop plants

Batra Divya, Ghosh Sandeep, Meenakshi, Amit and Kumar Yogesh

Page No: 157-172; doi:; Full Text

20. Probiotics and human health

Lata Prem and Savitri

Page No: 173-180; doi:; Full Text