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Vol. 18(3) March 2023

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1. Computational Investigation of the Atomic Interactions and Physical Effects of Herpesvirus and Alzheimer’s Protein for Co-localization

Heydaripour Shokoufeh, Lugoloobi Ishaq, Farhadi Bita, Afshari Daryush and Rahmani Tanha Rastegar

Page No: 1-8; doi:; Full Text

2. Synergistic effect of Camellia sinensis and Withania somnifera on hydrogen peroxide-induced oxidative stress: an in vitro study

Devi Arti, George Nancy, Kumar Vikas and Khan Zaved Ahmed

Page No: 9-17; doi:; Full Text

3. Improvement of β-galactosidase production by solid-state fermentation using cauliflower (Brassica oleraceae var. botrytis) waste by Enterobacter aerogenes KCTC2190

Maity Manisha, Bhattacharyya Dipak K. and Bhowal Jayati

Page No: 18-23; doi:; Full Text

4. A Bibliometric Analysis of Current Status on Biodeterioration of Cultural Heritage during 2018-2022

Rinanti Astri, Minarti Astari, Fachrul Melati Ferianita and Sunaryo Thalia

Page No: 24-38; doi:; Full Text

5. Genetic Fidelity Studies using RAPD Marker on local fungal isolate of Jabalpur Region for over-expression of Glucoamylase

Pathak Sareen Sonal and Sandhu Sardul Singh

Page No: 39-48; doi:; Full Text

6. Optimization of Single-step Pravastatin Production by Penicillium brefeldianum ESF21P through Response Surface Methodology

Seydametova E., Zainol N. and Convey P.

Page No: 49-56; doi:; Full Text

7. Enhancement of Seed Germination mediated by OH-functionalised Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes (OH-MWCNTs) and their effect on morphological Parameters of Pennisetum glaucum (L.) R.Br. Genotypes

Lalita, Priya and Kachhwaha Sumita

Page No: 57-63; doi:; Full Text

8. Honey bee collected pollen and beebread of Zea mays: determination of bioactive constituents and health benefits

Kaur Rajinder, Kaur Sandeep, Kumar Neelima R. and Harjai Kusum

Page No: 64-69; doi:; Full Text

9. In vitro regeneration through organogenesis in Costus igneus–an important herbal insulin plant

Bhuvaneshwari R., Johnny Subakar Ivin J., Kanmani Bharathi J., Joshi J.L. and Anandan R.

Page No: 70-78; doi:; Full Text

10. Study on anti-biofilm activity of some commonly available plant leaf extracts on Pseudomonas species and Staphylococcus aureus

Desai Revathi, B.S. Anuradha and Pindi Pavan Kumar

Page No: 79-85; doi:; Full Text

11. Identifying potent inhibitors against GSK-3β for Non- Small Cell Lung Carcinoma: Molecular modelling approach, ADME/ pharmacokinetics profiling and statistical significance

Arora Neha, Joshi Akanksha, Kumar Rajesh, Sharma Kavita and Sharma Archit

Page No: 86-96; doi:; Full Text

12. Genetic diversity of some peanut cultivars based on SSR and rapd molecular markers in Vietnam

Long Dang Thanh, Thuy Nguyen Thi Thu, Co Nguyen Quang, Phat Phan Nhat and Long Nguyen Tien

Page No: 97-106; doi:; Full Text

13. Computer Assisted Drug Design of AITC for Treatment of Cancer: A Combined Molecular Target Identification Study and Drug-Target Prediction

Vijayalakshmi V., Manjunatha H., Preemakaral Andrade and Nayana P.

Page No: 107-115; doi:; Full Text

14. Advancement of lipid-polymer hybrid nanoparticles in targeted drug delivery in cancer therapy

Mani Sugapradha and Kotteeswaran Venkatesan

Page No: 116-124; doi:; Full Text

15. A short review on cyanobacterial phycocyanin and its application

Renugadevi K., Valli Nachiyar C. and Christy Jemmy

Page No: 125-130; doi:; Full Text

16. Role of Actinomycetes from different habitats as a potential source for the production of novel bioactive compounds: A Review

Kumari Aparana and Rao K. V. Bhaskara

Page No: 131-138; doi:; Full Text

17. Abating Gliomas – A Brief Phytotherapic Perspective

Uchit Bhaskar, Nalina Narasimhaswamy, Manjunatha A.H. Reddy and Sumathra Manokaran

Page No: 139-150; doi:; Full Text