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Vol. 18(9) September 2023

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1. Toxicological implications of arecoline N- oxide in vivo in mice test system

Das Aparajita, Giri Sarbani, Mandal Abhijit, Ghosh Malaya and Choudhury Sudip

Page No: 1-10; doi:; Full Text

2. Inhibition of quorum sensing by partially purified anti-quorum sensing compound from the marine epibiotic bacteria in Chromobacterium violaceum

Shah Siddhi, Patel Harsh and Bajpai Bhakti

Page No: 11-17; doi:; Full Text

3. Influence of Thidiazuron on in vitro regeneration potential of Kaempferia parviflora Wall. Ex Baker from Eastern India

Panigrahi Rajashree and Parida Reena

Page No: 18-22; doi:; Full Text

4. Biogenic synthesis of Cerium oxide nanoparticles and their antioxidant activity

Madhugiri Gopinath Mamatha, Sumreen Sultana, Shital Manohar Punekar, Nivedika M.B. and Ravikiran Tekupalli

Page No: 23-28; doi:; Full Text

5. Efficient plant regeneration via indirect organogenesis and genetic stability assessment by molecular markers in an endangered medicinal plant Operculina turpethum (L.) Silva Manso

Biswal Bhagyashree, Jena Biswajit, Giri Alok Kumar, Parida Reena and Acharya Laxmikanta

Page No: 29-36; doi:; Full Text

6. Endotoxin lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced peripheral inflammation and its impact on brain and liver function

Shetty Hariprasad and Shetty Reshma A.

Page No: 37-43; doi:; Full Text

7. Phylogenomics based Identification of Microbial Biocontrol agent against Alternaria solani

Wilson Karun and Sathiavelu Arunachalam

Page No: 44-57; doi:; Full Text

8. Antiphytopathogenic applications of Endophytic Fungus, Talaromyces purpureogenus J8, isolated from Woodfordia fruticosa

S. Nabanita Kumar, Sahai Devyani, Das Priti Padma and P. Lalitha

Page No: 58-74; doi:; Full Text

9. Formulation and Evaluation of herbal preparation containing multiherb for hypocalcaemia

Mali Dhanashri R., Amrutkar Sunil V. and Yeole Namrata R.

Page No: 75-80; doi:; Full Text

10. Validation of antioxidant activity and cytotoxic potential of Protium caudatum leaves extract against lung cancer cell line (A549)

Selvaraj Dinesh, Yadav Sangilimuthu Alagar, Suvathika Gnanaselvan and Sowmya Manoharan Priya

Page No: 81-87; doi:; Full Text

11. A study to determine effect of metal ions for optimization of L-Asparaginase producers for bioprocessing

Satishbabu Kakumanu and Gyana Prasuna Ravi

Page No: 88-97; doi:; Full Text

12. Effect of Titanium dioxide nanoparticles in Enzymatic Activity of Epigeic Earthworm species “Eudrilus eugenia”

Anitha Kumari P. and Thangam Y.

Page No: 98-110; doi:; Full Text

13. Analysis of the ability of Channa striatus gut-derived Lactococcus garvieae bacteria to reach and persist in the gut environment along with extracellular metabolites and its behavior against common fish pathogens

Yousuf Sufiara and Singh Rahul

Page No: 111-119; doi:; Full Text

14. In vitro Antioxidant, Antibiotic Complementing or Supplementing Potential and Urobactericidal Activity of Leaf Extract of Marsilea quadrifolia L.: The Water Fern

Tripathy Sangeeta Rani, Ameeruddin Shaikh, Pradhan Susmita N. and Das Sarita

Page No: 120-131; doi:; Full Text

15. Progression of Type 2 Diabetic Nephropathy and Serum Monocyte Chemoattractant Protein-1 (MCP-1) Levels

Ahmed S. Mohammed, Hassan H. Al-Saeed, Arif Sami Malik, Muqdam Ali Alhassnawi, Mohammed S. Khlaif and Ali Abdulla Qassim

Page No: 132-136; doi:; Full Text

16. Implementation of Design of Experiment (DoE) for process development and optimization of biosimilars

Rewaria Vinay, Botlagunta Mahendran and Mathi Pardhasaradhi

Page No: 137-146; doi:; Full Text

17. Contributions of probiotic L. acidophilus 291 as biotechnological tool in therapeutic applications

Verma Mukesh, Saharan Baljeet Singh and Kumar Anil

Page No: 147-154; doi:; Full Text

18. Detection of actinobacteria from sediment soil: Exploration of metabolites as fungal plant pathogen inhibitors and plant growth promoters

Sirasagikar Reshma N., Bushra Ustad, Sudarshan Ashok and Dayanand Agsar

Page No: 155-169; doi:; Full Text

19. An effective and low-cost method for DNA extraction from Rheum species (A medicinal herb) without using liquid nitrogen for RAPD/ISSR Study

Uniyal Anjali, Kumar Akhilesh, Kumar Vijay, Gupta Sanjay and Kumar Vivek

Page No: 170-174; doi:; Full Text

20. Investigation on growth and development of 42 kDa chitinase transgenic peanuts (Arachis hypogaea L.) cultivar L14 under in vivo condition

Hoa Phung Thi Bich, Tue Nguyen Hoang, Phuong Hoang Lan, Huy Nguyen Xuan and Loc Nguyen Hoang

Page No: 175-181; doi:; Full Text

21. Phytochemical and antioxidant analysis of musky smelling Dendrobium moschatum and screening of its antibacterial potential

Rajput D., Gogoi I., Saikia S., Saikia L.R. and Chetia P.

Page No: 182-190; doi:; Full Text

22. Association of Leukotriene A4 Hydrolase polymorphisms and risk of extrapulmonary tuberculosis

Gaur Pooja Singh, Kant Surya and Chaturvedi Rachna

Page No: 191-197; doi:; Full Text

23. Assessment of the genetic fidelity of true-to-type regenerants of medicinal plant Rheum emodi using RAPD and ISSR molecular markers

Upadhyay Sweta, Uniyal Anjali, Kumar Vijay and Gupta Sanjay

Page No: 198-204; doi:; Full Text

24. Risk Assessment of Human Subjects occupationally exposed to Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields (ELF-EMFs) and Light at Night (LAN) with particular reference to Melatonin Hypothesis

Surender Vemula, Varak Kavitha, Potti Ravindra Babu and Tiwari R.

Page No: 205-215; doi:; Full Text

25. Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDS) as potential inhibitors of tankyrase-2 for colon cancer prevention: an in silico study

Rajeshwari K.V.N., Srilatha B., Srilekha Reddy V. and Shyam Prasad G.

Page No: 216-221; doi:; Full Text

26. Selenium Nanoparticles mitigating Thyroid Dysfunction in Hexachlorobenzene-Induced Hypothyroid Rats

Shekhawat Bhanu Pratap Singh, Paghadar Disha Rajeshbhai, Natarajan Aishwarya, Purani Sejal and Robin Pushpa

Page No: 222-230; doi:; Full Text

27. Scrutinizing Caesalpinia bonducella phytoactive compounds as potent regulators targeting proteins of drug instigated apoptotic and inflammatory pathways: An in-silico approach

Sangeetha Nithiyanandam, Ramkumar Katturajan and Sabina Evan Prince

Page No: 231-246; doi:; Full Text

28. 7, 12- Dimethylbenz[a]anthracene: A potent and multivariant Chemical carcinogen

Mirunalini S. and Susmitha R.

Page No: 247-258; doi:; Full Text

29. In Silico Analysis and Docking Studies on Cystic Fibrosis to identify Potential Drug Candidates

Verma Nishita, Sengupta Abhishek, Bhatnagar Seema and Narad Priyanka

Page No: 259-270; doi:; Full Text

30. The role of Malassezia species on Human skin: Commensals and Pathogens

Balaji Vignesh Kanna, Ragunathan Latha, Kannaiyan Kavitha and Duraipandian Jeyakumari

Page No: 271-277; doi:; Full Text