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Vol. 25(1) January 2021

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1. Metal quantification in surface water of Indian Ocean from India to South Africa

Bharti Pawan Kumar, Pal Narendra, Sharma Bhupesh and Singh R.K.

Page No. 1-6; Full Text

2. Potential of Kappaphycus alvarezii Carrageenan Waste in Bioethanol Production

Chang Vi-Sion and Teo Swee-Sen

Page No. 7-11; Full Text

3. Analysis of Laser Action in Holmium doped ZFBP Glasses by Laser Parameters

Dubedi R.P. and Sharma Y.K.

Page No. 12-14; Full Text

4. Environmental impact assessment of the Kolar River catchment, Central India using RS and GIS based on morphological parameters

Tiwari Deepak Kumar, Tiwari Hari Lal and Nateriya Raman

Page No. 15-22; Full Text

5. A green approach to the Rapid Synthesis of 2-Phenyl Benzoxazole and its derivatives using Magnetically Separable Ag@Fe2O3 Core-Shell Nanoparticles

Shinde Gayatree, Zirpe Maheshwari and Thakur Jyotsna

Page No. 23-30; Full Text

6. Effect of Gold and Silver nanoparticles, BVG nano and Chelated micronutrients on growth and biochemical parameters on Trigonella foenum graecum L.

Bhosale K.S., Limaye A.S. and Shinde K.M.

Page No. 31-39; Full Text

7. Synthetic surface growth and its effect on ambient particulate matter in Delhi-NCR region: A geospatial investigation

Garsa Kalpana, Das Prabhu Prasad and Mishra Manoranjan

Page No. 40-47; Full Text

8. Synthesis and Characterization of Transition Metal Complexes by solid interaction with Disaccharide– D-Lactose and coordination behavior

Pareek Bhawna

Page No. 48-51; Full Text

9. Assessments of structural, hepatotoxicity, cardiotoxicity and genotoxicity of novel synthesized complexes of Sr(II), Ba(II), and Fe(III) with 2,6-dichloroindophenol in male rats

Refat Moamen S., Hamza Reham Z., Adam A.M.A., Saad H.A., Gobouri Adil A., Al-Salmi F.A., Altalhi T. and El-Megharbel Samy M.

Page No. 52-67; Full Text

10. Sorption Studies of Radionuclides from Simulated Low Level Waste using Green Biosorbent

Sayed Sajida and Bagla Hemlata

Page No. 68-73; Full Text

11. Fenton degradation of binary synthetic dyes mixture: Experimental and DFT studies

Jaafar A., Ben El Ayouchia H., Lakbaibi Z., Regti A., Jaafar N., Boussaoud A., Benallou A. and Jodeh S.

Page No. 74-78; Full Text

12. Fe0.26Mn0.26O4.5 Binary oxide Nanoparticles as a Promising Adsorbent for Phosphate from Aqueous Medium

Jethave G.N., Attarde S.B., Ingle S.T., Kolate S.S., Fegade U.A., Mahajan H.A. and Patil A.M.

Page No. 79-88; Full Text

13. Photo induced charge separation mechanism in active Fe2O3/CoTiO3/TiO2 ternary hybrids; structural design, spectral study and degradation study

Seerangan Vadivel, Jaganathan Dharmaraja, Santhanam Sivakumar and Ayyamperumal Elavarasan

Page No. 89-96; Full Text

14. Biomass, lipid and fatty acid composition of two filamentous green algae, Spirogyra punctulata and Ulva intestinalis under various concentrations of NaCl

Satpati Gour Gopal and Pal Ruma

Page No. 97-104; Full Text

15. Synthesis and Characterization of Allyl Pentaerythritol Cross-linker

Anamica and Pande Poorn Prakash

Page No. 105-108; Full Text

16. Microplastics model distribution in Semarang Waters

Wulandari Sri Yulina, Radjasa Ocky Karna, Yulianto Bambang, Ismanto Aris, Muslim, Marwoto Jarot, Siagian Hendry and Maisyarah Siti

Page No. 109-120; Full Text

17. Microbial decolorization of tannery waste water

Ramsenthil R., Durai G., Rajasimman M., Rathakrishnan P. and Krishnaprabakaran E.

Page No. 121-128; Full Text

18. Effect of nutrients on disappearance time of anthracene in a river bed soil under ambient conditions

Kaabi Abdul, Dihingia Niloy and Sarma Prahash Chandra

Page No. 129-136; Full Text

19. Microwave-assisted one-pot synthesis of novel Phenoxazine-[1,2,3] triazole hybrids and their biological evaluation

Chakrapani B., Ramesh V., Ramachandran D., Prasad G. and Kalyan Chakravarthy A.

Page No. 137-142; Full Text

20. Screening of fresh water algae from paper and pulp mill waste waters with the focus on high algal biomass production

Gurumoorthy P. and Saravanan A.

Page No. 143-145; Full Text

21. A simple Spectrophotometric investigation of Ceftriaxone Sodium and Esomeprazole complexes

Sonone Ashvini, Parveen Nishat and Durrani Ayesha

Page No. 146-149; Full Text

22. One pot hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of self organized novel Anderson type mixed heteropolyoxomolybdate complex Na14 [CuNiMo5O24] 20H2O applicable as catalyst

Begam Gulnaz and Dey K.C.

Page No. 150-155; Full Text

23. Combined effect of boric acid and citric acid on thermal and mechanical properties of starch-polyvinyl alcohol-based wood adhesive

Gadhave Ravindra V., Vineeth S.K., Mahanwar Prakash A. and Gadekar Pradeep T.

Page No. 156-166; Full Text

24. A case study on a ground water nitrogen pollution in a town Achhnera, Agra

Tomar Sapna

Page No. 167-176; Full Text

25. Bioactive phytochemicals in Plumeria sp.: extraction, quantification and analysis

Raut Smita, Sen Sudip Kumar and Raut Sangeeta

Page No. 177-190; Full Text