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Vol. 25(5) May 2021

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1. Redox-Active Dihydrazone and its Manganese(IV) Complexes: Synthesis, Characterization, Electrochemical and Antimicrobial Studies

Mahanta P., Sarma P., Basumatary D. and Medhi C.

Page No. 1-10; Full Text

2. Quantitation of aflatoxins in ground nut and ground nut-based products by high performance liquid chromatography

Sivakumar Sneha, Selvakumarasamy Saranya and Ghadevaru Sarathchandra

Page No. 11-15; Full Text

3. Studies on measurement of PM2.5 and PM10 employing online method: A case of coal fired boiler stack

Ban Gaurangkumar H. and Ruparelia Jayesh

Page No. 16-20; Full Text

4. The removal of colour from textile dye using biosorbent

Rajesh Kannan R., Magesh A., Jayabalan K., Dilipkumar M. and Saravanan P.

Page No. 21-27; Full Text

5. Fast Synthesis of Nano [Co3(BTC)2] and [Zn3(BTC)2] MOFs by Mechano Ball-Milling method and Characterization: Dyes Adsorption Efficacy and Antimicrobial Studies

Chinthamreddy Amaravathi, Katari Naresh Kumar and Manubolu Surya Surendra Babu

Page No. 28-40; Full Text

6. Impact of aprotic solvent on binary complexes of bioactive metals with L-Valine)

Boddu Veeraswami and Gollapalli Nageswara Rao

Page No. 41-47; Full Text

7. Synthesis of novel 1,4-bis-isoxazol/pyrazole and phenylpyrazole scaffolds by efficient green protocol and evaluation of biological properties thereof

Singh Prabal Pratap, Bansal Shobha, Rawat Kalpana and Pullabhotla Rajasekhar V.S.R.

Page No. 48-61; Full Text

8. Solid waste treatment by fungal enzymes in artificially constructed wetland

Nirmalkar Vaishali, Khan Uquba, Ansari Shahana and Shaikh Asfiya

Page No. 62-67; Full Text

9. Synthesis, characterization, antimicrobial and in-silico studies of (1, 1-dibenzofuran-2-yl) ethyl terephthalamide derivatives

Krishnaswamy Gurunathan, Desai Nivedita R., Naika Raja Naika Hanuma, Aruna Kumar Doyijode B. and Sreenivasa S.

Page No. 68-79; Full Text

10. Effect of Clinoptilolite Acid Activation on Ceftriaxone Sorption from Wastewaters

Eprikashvili L., Kordzakhia T., Zautashvili M., Rubashvili I., Pirtskhalava N., Dzagania M., Tsintskaladze G. and Antia G.

Page No. 80-86; Full Text

11. Nitrite Oxidation Kinetics for a Better Understanding of the Processes in the CAFOs Effluents Treatment

Fleite Santiago Nicolás, Cassanello Miryan, De los Santos Christian and García Ana Rosa

Page No. 87-94; Full Text

12. Significance of phase transfer catalysis in the selective reduction of acetophenones with sodium borohydride in organic solvents

Rajendran P., Bashpa P. and Bijudas K.

Page No.95-100; Full Text

13. Catharanthus roseus leaves as a green source for facile synthesis of silver nanoparticles and their efficacy towards catalytic and adsorption kinetics studies of methylene blue dye

Anjum S.M. and Riazunnisa K.

Page No. 101-107; Full Text

14. Evaluation of effects of piperazine on Barium carbonate via upgrading biogas with absorption of CO2 using alkaline solution

Gehlaut Kumar Avneesh, Gaur Ankur and Hasan Shabih

Page No. 108-113; Full Text

15. Graphite supported BiCl3 as a new, efficient and heterogeneous catalyst for synthesis of β-enaminones compounds

Mistry Dipesh, Mahajan Dharmesh, Chejara Dharmesh and Desai Kishor

Page No. 114-118; Full Text

16. Potassium iodate as a new reagent for the synthesis of benzaldehyde from benzyl alcohol

Kotian Sumana Y. and Lokanatha Rai K.M.

Page No. 119-122; Full Text

17. Green Ecofriendly synthesis of Glycoluril derivatives via Cyclocondensation of Benzil and urea/thiourea

Patil Vishvanath D., Gharat Vaishnav D. and Salve Amruta M.

Page No. 123-126; Full Text

18. TiO2 nanoparticles supported synthesis of acetoacetanilide derivatives in green media

Goswami P.G., Dhadda S., Yadav K., Jangid D.K., Guleria A. and Khandelwal C.L.

Page No. 127-134; Full Text

19. Differential Pulse Polarographic Determination of Carbofuran in Environmental Samples

Sharma Devender Kumar, Sharma Nisha and Dharmani Tilak

Page No. 135-143; Full Text

20. Microwave assisted synthesis of substituted (E)-{3-[2-(1,3-Diphenyl-1H-Pyrazol-4-YL)Vinyl]Benzofuran-2-YL}(Phenyl)Methanone and their antimicrobial activity

Ashok D., Nalaparju Nagaraju, Ram Reddy M., Ravinder D., Katta Ramakrishna and Sarasija M.

Page No. 144-150; Full Text

21. The influential factors on the geochemistry of chemical elements in recent sediments of the Tigris River, Iraq

Hazim Jumaa Mahmood

Page No. 151-159; Full Text

22. ZnO/UV induced photocatalytic degradation of textile dye

Sivakumar K.K., Mohamed Haroon Basha and Nandhini

Page No. 160-165; Full Text

23. A mild synthesis of substituted pyrazoles from one-pot three component reaction of simple starting materials

Karmakar Sulakshana

Page No. 166-169; Full Text

24. Synthesis, Characterisation and In-silico Studies of Novel Heterocyclic Organotellurium Dithiocarbamates

Shamsi M. Maaz., Bajpai S., Singh A., Srivastava N. and Pandey G.

Page No. 170-177; Full Text

25. ZSM-5 anchored Ru(II) complex of bipyridine: An efficient and reusable catalyst for oxidation of alkenes, alkanes, aromatic hydrocarbons and alcohols

Sharma Varsha and Sagar Priyanka

Page No. 178-182; Full Text

26. Green Treatment and Artificial Neural Networks for the breakthrough analysis of single and multi-variant elements

Padmaja M. and Bhavani R.

Page No. 183-190; Full Text

27. Isoprene measurements and emission estimations using the G93 Model during pre-harvest and post-harvest phases of rice paddy fields (Oryza sativa L.)

Mohd Shahrul Mohd Nadzir, Mohd Fairuz Md Suptian, Haris Hafizal Abd Hamid, Che Radziah Che Mohd Zain, Kemal Maulana Alhasa and Muhamad Zarul Izham Bin Rosli

Page No. 191-197; Full Text

28. Effect of process variables on lignin peroxidase production

Rathour Ranju Kumari, Ahuja Vishal, Bhatia R.K., Sharma Vaishali, Rana Nidhi and Bhatt Arvind Kumar

Page No. 198-205; Full Text

29. Experimental correlation of volumetric oxygen transfer coefficient (KLa) with pyocyanin production at bench scale level from Pseudomonas aeruginosa MH038270

Rani Alka, Singha Arun, Gyala Deepak and Azmi Wamik

Page No. 206-216; Full Text

30. A critical review on the classification of helminths and their mode of transmission in human beings

Shobana R., Vijayalakshmi S. And Ranjitha J.

Page No. 217-225; Full Text

31. Impact of Heavy Metals in Riverine and Estuarine Environment: A review

Gavhane S.K., Sapkale J.B., Susware N.K. and Sapkale S.J.

Page No. 226-233; Full Text

32. Capsaicin (Capsicum Annuum): A ubiquitous compound with multivarient pharmaceutical properties

Kalaiyarasi D. and Mirunalini S.

Page No. 234-240; Full Text

33. Different Analytical Methods for the Determination of Metronidazole

Abrahem Sarra A., Abdul Kader S. and Ibrahim Suhad A.

Page No. 241-245; Full Text