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Vol. 25(10) October 2021

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1. Synthesis, characterization and in vitro biological evaluation of a series of diarylsulfonylureas as α-glucosidase inhibitors

Xin Ru Mong, Avupati Vasudeva Rao, Hussain Husniza and Khalid Ali Qusay

Page No. 1-6; doi:; Full Text

2. Synthesis and characterization of Cobalt doped Polymer Composite Poly [(Thiophene-2, 5-diyl)-co-para bromo benzylidene] by using Polycondensation Method

Mahashabde J.P.

Page No. 7-12; doi:; Full Text

3. Synthesis and Characterization of TiO2-CeO2 (TiO2-Ce) Nanocomposite: Testing its Antibacterial Effect

Daniel Sam N., Anish C.I., Sabeena G., Rajaduraipandian S., Gandhimathi S., Annadurai G. and Jaya Rajan M.

Page No. 13-19; doi:; Full Text

4. Chemical Speciation study of Ternary complexes of Zn(II)-Azelaic acid dihydrazide-L-Proline and Zn(II)-Azelaic acid dihydrazide-L-Lysine in aqueous medium

Nirmala Devi D., Shyamala P., Uma Rani B. and Satyanarayana A.

Page No. 20-30; doi:; Full Text

5. Application of Vierordt’s method for estimation of Tapentadol HCl and Paracetamol in combined dosage form by UV spectrophotometry

Manjunath S.Y., Naresh P. and Hemant Kumar T.

Page No. 31-36; doi:; Full Text

6. Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluaion of Novel Indole-Isoxazole Conjugates as Potent Anticancer Agents

Madhukar Reddy T. and Ranadheer Kumar M.

Page No. 37-42; doi:; Full Text

7. Physical and chemical study of coated Candida cylindracea with sorbitan esters

Rezgui Nacer and Bidjou-Haiour Chahra

Page No. 43-48; doi:; Full Text

8. DNA Binding and DNA Cleavage Activity of Mixed Ligand Copper(II) Complexes of 2-(methylsulfanyl)-N-(1H-pyrrole-2-ylmethylidene) aniline

Thamizhini P., Sharmila A. and Lakshmi Prabha K.

Page No. 49-60; doi:; Full Text

9. Synthesis, Characterization and studies on antibacterial activity of colloidal silver nanoparticles from Artocarpus hirsutus fruit extract

Makari H.K., Hungund B., Vaidya G., Kulkarni P. and Ramakrishna K.

Page No. 61-69; doi:; Full Text

10. Molecular docking studies and anti-cancer evaluation of N-(3 – MERCAPTO-5-(PYRAZIN-2-YL)-4H-1, 2, 4-TRIAZOL-4-YL) derivatives

Ega Jagadeesh Kumar, Peddapyata Prashanth Raja and Jakkula Sunil Kumar

Page No. 70-75; doi:; Full Text

11. Synthesis and characterization of cobalt(II) complexes with bidentate Schiff base ligand

Singh Kamlesh Kumar and Khan Shamshad Ahmad

Page No. 76-79; doi:; Full Text

12. Evaluation of Anti-microbial activity of graphene oxide-TiO2 nanocomposites with variable compositions

Somasekhar Ryali and Paul Douglas Sanasi

Page No.80-83; doi:; Full Text

13. Qualitative phytochemical screening, antibacterial, antioxidant and cytotoxicity activities of the leaf extracts of Diospyros philippinensis A.DC. (Ebenaceae)

Tolentino Jarel Elgin M., Nera Arby Denise, Roco Mary Rose, Beltran Nikko and Dapat Else

Page No. 84-89; doi:; Full Text

14. Effect of Ethylene-Ethyl Acrylate Copolymer on the Rheological Properties of LDPE/PLST Blends

Saki Tahseen A.

Page No. 90-96; doi:; Full Text

15. The Ceramic Nano Material Al Ca Si5 O15 as a Green Catalyst for Water Remediationm

Patil M.V., Bamane S.R. and Khetre S.M.

Page No. 97-104; doi:; Full Text

16. Influence of Ba2+ substitution on Structural, Dielectric, Thermal and Electrical behavior of La1-xBaxCo0.50 Fe0.50O3 {0.10≤ x≤ 0.40} Cathode for SOFC

Manokamna, Paul Surinder, Singh K.L., Bhargava G. and Singh A.P.

Page No. 105-113; doi:; Full Text

17. Study on effect of variation of geographical and climatic conditions on chemical constituents and biological activity of Emblica officinalis

Bharti Dipti, Singh Rahul and Arora Charu

Page No. 114-120; doi:; Full Text

18. Smart Chemosensor Strips for Real-time Pathogen Detection in Drinking Water

Parthasarathy M., Sakthivel K. and Mihir D.V.S.

Page No. 121-125; doi:; Full Text

19. Mineralization of Azodye Effluent by Electrolytic Method

Kumar Ratanesh, Wagh P.B., Ingale S.V. and Joshi K.D.

Page No. 126-131; doi:; Full Text

20. Solvent Effect on Protonation Equilibria of L-Histidine and 1,10- Phenanthroline in 1-Propanol-Water Mixtures

Priyanka K.P., Anita V., Shyamala P. and Nageswara Rao G.

Page No. 132-137; doi:; Full Text

21. Sulphur Nanoparticles: Synthesis using Prosopis Juliflora Leaf Extract, Characterization and Estimation of Antibacterial Ability

Sangu V. and Sineha A.

Page No. 138-144; doi:; Full Text

22. Options to reduce Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere using advance technologies

Prasad Prabhat K., Pandey Ekta and Sethi V.K.

Page No. 145-149; doi:; Full Text

23. Gellan gum biopolymer- A review

Sukumar Soumiya, Arockiasamy Santhiagu and Chemmattu Moothona Manjusha

Page No. 150-157; doi:; Full Text

24. A Review on Extraction and Separation of Cellulose Fibers from Agro Wastes

Sapthami Kariyadan and Mridul Umesh

Page No. 158-171; doi:; Full Text