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Vol. 26(4) April 2022

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1. Optimization of Enzymatic Degumming Process for Sunflower Oil using Response Surface Methodology: Efficiency and Oil Yield

Lamas D., Constenla D. and Ceci L.

Page No. 1-10; doi:; Full Text

2. The Histopathological Analysis of Sodium Arsenite (As3+) Induced Hair Loss and Associated Dermal Changes in C57BL Mice

Binumon Mangalathettu Thankachan, Najeeb Shahul Hameed and Sreejith Parameswara Panicker

Page No. 11-16; doi:; Full Text

3. Evaluation of pollution of groundwater resources by Carbofuran based on its adsorption on three soils by Spectrophotometry

Sharma Nisha and Sharma Devender Kumar

Page No. 17-26; doi:; Full Text

4. Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles using Plant Extracts and Their Applications for Water Purification and Anti-Diabetic Properties

Alex Sharon, Gangte Manglalsiem Obed and Sundarrajan Priya

Page No. 27-35; doi:; Full Text

5. Monitoring and Assessment of Water Quality using Multivariate Statistics of Physico-chemical Parameters to establish Baseline Level around proposed Jaitapur Nuclear Power Plant (JNPP), India

Shinde R.D., Burungale S.H., Supale A.R., Chikode P.P. and Sabale S.R.

Page No. 36-49; doi:; Full Text

6. Understanding the synergistic effect of bimetallic Cu2O-ZnO nanocomposites for the antimicrobial activity and facile synthesis of phenyl xanthenedione: A comparative study

Dwivedi Poonam, Jatrana Indu, Satiya Honey and Lokhande R.S.

Page No. 50-60; doi:; Full Text

7. Corrosion behaviour of nickel based abradable coating used in aero engines

Parida M. and Nanda S.P.

Page No. 61-66; doi:; Full Text

8. Enhancement of heavy metal removal efficiency of plants using L. sphaericus

Hung Nguyen Thanh and Tra Mai Huong

Page No. 67-71; doi:; Full Text

9. DBU promoted Efficient Bioactive Synthesis of Novel 1-(2-methyl-1, 5-diphenyl-1H-pyrrol-3-yl) ethanone derivatives

Chinnayya Setti S., Suresh Gowd V., Durga Rao B.V., Krishna Rao N. and Shaik Lakshman

Page No. 72-85; doi:; Full Text

10. Constructed Wetlands planted with Lignocellulosic Grass Species for Wastewater Treatment and Biomass Utilisation

Pillai Jaya S. and Nair Brijesh A.N.

Page No. 86-98; doi:; Full Text

11. Eco-friendly and Efficient Synthesis of 2-aryl-1-arylmethyl-1H-Benzo[d]imidazoles by using Sodium Hypochlorite

Patil Sachin V. and Nagargoje Deepak R.

Page No. 99-104; doi:; Full Text

12. The aftermath of fireworks prohibition on Diwali festival due to COVID-19 situation: A case study of the air quality of metropolitan cities of India

Nagda Chirmaie, Kumar Kapil, Jhala Lalit Singh, Chouhan Chandrapal Singh and Rathore Devendra Singh

Page No.105-114; doi:; Full Text

13. Synthesis and characterization of new pyrazole and isoxazole derivatives as potential antibacterial and antifungal agents

Sanjeeva P., Narendra Reddy Y. and Venkata Ramana P.

Page No. 115-123; doi:; Full Text

14. Equilibrium, Kinetic and Thermodynamic Studies of Malachite Green Dye Removal using Activated Sludge from Common Effluent Treatment Plant

Malviya V., Shrivastava P., Yadav A., Malviya R., Dwivedi M.K. and Jain N.

Page No. 124-134; doi:; Full Text

15. Synthesis and Characterization of Azo, Bis-Benzylidene and Pyranone based Polymers for NLO Application

Ravula Sampath, Sahoo Bijaya Ketan and Kolli Balakrishna

Page No. 135-143; doi:; Full Text

16. Studies on the corrosion inhibition properties of mimosa pudica on aluminium in alkaline medium

Brindha D. and Venkatraman B.R.

Page No. 144-151; doi:; Full Text

17. GIS based approach for the assessment of water quality of the biodiversity heritage site of India - the Ameenpur lake, Hyderabad

Srinidhi N.S., Madhusudhana Reddy P. and Anji Reddy M.

Page No. 152-162; doi:; Full Text

18. Design and synthesis of iron(II) complexes with Schiff bases derived from 6-aminopenicillanic acid and heterocyclic aldehydes

Sengar S., Singh S.K. and Gupta M.K.

Page No. 163-166; doi:; Full Text

19. A Study on Removal of Fluoride Ions using Kaith Plant Leaves (Feronia limonia) as a Low- Cost Natural Adsorbent

Meena Sunder Lal, Jhalora Priyanka, Shorgar Neetu and Tak Paras

Page No. 167-179; doi:; Full Text

20. In vitro anticancer activity studies of Aspergillus terreus on uterine cervix Cancer cells

Rajitha P.B., Prabhu Ashwini and Naik Prashantha

Page No. 180-186; doi:; Full Text

21. Use of Herbal indicator from Bixa orellana seed in Volumetric Analysis

Gupta Poonam and Bhandari Ranu

Page No. 187-189; doi:; Full Text

22. A Review on Cell Immobilisation Technique: A Sustainable solution for efficient treatment of Industrial Waste water

Savio Nikhil and Srivastava Rajeev Kumar

Page No. 190-201; doi:; Full Text