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Vol. 26(2) February 2022

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1. Synthesis of Levofloxacin based Chiral Reagent and its Application in Determination of Optical Purity of Essential Racemic Amino Acids using RP-HPLC

Bireddy S.R., Bantu T.R., Alwera V., Vashistha V.K., Alwera S. and Sehlangia S.

Page No. 1-8; doi:; Full Text

2. Organo catalytic construction of novel Pyrazol-2-Indolinone derivatives

B. Raja Sekhara Reddy, Malleswara Reddy P., Surendra Babu G., Venkata Narayana V. and Sudhakar Babu K.

Page No. 9-13; doi:; Full Text

3. Exposure to 7, 8 Dihydroxycoumarin protects Cadmium induced toxicity effect in Zebrafish (Daniorerio) embryos

Dharmar Manimaran, Varatharajan Renuka, Saravanan Ramesh, Kavitha Govarthanan and Namasivayam Elangovan

Page No. 14-22; doi:; Full Text

4. Efficient and Expedite Fabrication of Thermally Stable Manganese Ferrite Nano-Particles and their Electrochemical Characterization

Kumar Yogenrda, Singh Prabal Pratap, Ajish Juby K. and Kumar Manmohan

Page No. 23-27; doi:; Full Text

5. Isolation and characterization of an effective biofuel producing oleaginous Cutaneotrichosporon curvatum BRV096

Addagatla Ravindar and Raja Rao P.

Page No. 28-32; doi:; Full Text

6. Assessments of methanolic extract of Catharanthus Roseus leaves for in vitro phytochemical analysis

Priya Kumari, Mahato Dipa and Sharma H.P.

Page No. 33-40; doi:; Full Text

7. Comparative study of ozone-based AOPs for degradation of Reactive Red 120

Sharma Sandip and Ruparelia Jayesh

Page No. 41-46; doi:; Full Text

8. Isomerization of Silylnitrene to Silanimine: A Density Functional Study

Parashar Renu and Bansal Sunita

Page No. 47-51; doi:; Full Text

9. Post Synthesis Architectural Pore Modification of Mobil Five (MFI) Zeolite for Enhancing its Catalytic Activity

Das Monjumoni, Shah Kishor Kr and Talukdar Anup Kumar

Page No. 52-66; doi:; Full Text

10. Spectroanalytical, In vitro Anticancer and Antibacterial studies of Novel substituted Heterocyclic Pyridine derivatives and its metal complexes

Chaitanya Kumar B.R., Sudhakar Babu K. and Krishna Murthy Naik V.

Page No. 67-76; doi:; Full Text

11. Microbial removal of zinc by a zinc resistant bacterium: potential in industrial waste remediation

Singh Sujeet Pratap, Hasan Saba, Porwal Paras and Sar Pinaki

Page No. 77-88; doi:; Full Text

12. Synthesis and bioevluation of BIS (Indolyl) methane derivatives using copper halide catalyst

Visweswara Rao Ch., Reddy Banoth, Nagapurnima K., Appa Rao K. and Lakshman Shaik

Page No.89-100; doi:; Full Text

13. Synthesis, molecular docking, antibacterial and antifungal studies of Fe (II) and Ni (II) complexes of N1, N2-bis((1,3-diphenyl-1H-pyrazol-4-yl) methylene) ethane-1,2-diamine

Sandhya P.V., Rejimon P.K. and Satheesh Kumar K.V.

Page No. 101-109; doi:; Full Text

14. Adsorption isotherms by linear and non-linear methods for dye onto Chitosan Nanoparticle – Montmorillonite Nanocomposite (CSNP-MMT)

Rajaduraipandian S., Mariappan E., Amutha E., Gandhimathi S. and Annadurai G.

Page No. 110-125; doi:; Full Text

15. Synthesis and characterization of heterobinuclear copper(II) complexes derived from Schiff base with organosilver(I)

Prakash Sachin, Gupta Anju K., Prakash Shivani, Singh K.R.R.P. and Prakash D.

Page No. 126-130; doi:; Full Text

16. Preparation of high efficient carbon dots from renewable and sustainable biomass resources

Chutia Gobinda Prasad

Page No. 131-140; doi:; Full Text

17. Chemical constituents and biological activities of Curcuma caesia

Arora Charu, Tamrakar Vinita and Arora Dhruv

Page No. 141-148; doi:; Full Text

18. Bioremediation – A strategy to curb the environmental menace

Khosla Akanksha, Sharma Divya and Bhandari Kriti

Page No. 149-157; doi:; Full Text