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Vol. 27(4) April 2023

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1. Antimicrobial activity of hydrogel loaded with Capsicum annuum, Auricularia auricula judae and Kappaphycus alvarezii.

Regina Leong Z.L., Wan H.L. and Teo S.S.

Page No. 1-6; doi:; Full Text

2. Decolourization and Detoxification of Carcinogenic Azo Dyes by Isolated bacterial strains

Rashmi, Battan Bindu, Chahal Sulekha and Sharma Jitender

Page No. 7-20; doi:; Full Text

3. Synthesis and characterization of heterobinuclear Schiff base nickel(II) complexes involving nitrogen and oxygen donor ligand

Prakash Shivani, Gupta Anju K., Prakash Sachin, Singh K.R.R.P. and Prakash D.

Page No. 21-25; doi:; Full Text

4. Preparation, Characterization and Antifungal Activity of Metal Chelates of 5-[2-{2-(4-fluorophenyl)-5-nitro-1H-imidazol-1-yl}ethoxy]methyl-8-hydroxyquinoline

Patel S.N. and Patel Y.S.

Page No. 26-32; doi:; Full Text

5. Two Limonoid Compounds from the Seeds of Chisocheton lasiocarpus (Meliaceae)

Nurlelasari, Asman, Darwati, Harneti Desi, Mayanti Tri, Maharani Rani and Supratman Unang

Page No. 33-38; doi:; Full Text

6. Biological Studies and Spectroscopic investigation of 4-Methyl Benzylimine Schiff Base Metal Complexes

Gose Ramamohan, Jaya Raju A., Nagaraju N. and Sreeramulu J.

Page No. 39-45; doi:; Full Text

7. Synthesis, Characterisation and Hirshfeld surface analysis of some Mercury(II) molecular adducts with macrocyclic ligands

Singh Mukta, Kanaoujiya Rahul and Srivastava Shekhar

Page No. 46-57; doi:; Full Text

8. Effective Synthetic Route for Large Scale Synthesis of Fluphenazine Hydrochloride and process related unknown impurity

Singavarapu Adilakshmi, Reddipalli Gowri Sankar, Ghojala Venkat Reddy, Akkapally Narsimulu and Guddeti Chandrashekar Reddy

Page No. 58-64; doi:; Full Text

9. Simulation Modeling of A3243g Mutations on tRNALeu (UUR) against Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus using In Silico Method

Sari Riska Puspita, Maulana Ahmad Fariz, Yusuf Muhammad and Maksum Iman P.

Page No. 65-71; doi:; Full Text

10. Kinetics Study of Hydrogen Combustion over Pt/Alumina Catalyst

Chauhan Vaishali and Chauhan Nishant

Page No. 72-78; doi:; Full Text

11. Effect of Condensation Product on the Electrochemical Behaviour and Corrosion Resistance of Zn and Zn-Ni Deposits

Patil Nagabhushana, Mamatha G.P. and Basavanna S.

Page No. 79-88; doi:; Full Text

12. Vibrational studies of 2,3,5,6-tetrachloro-1,4-benzoquinone and its reactivity: An ab-initio computational method

Kushwaha A., Dwivedi Smriti and Prasad R.L.

Page No.89-100; doi: Full Text

13. Oxidative Regeneration of Carbonyl Compounds from Oximes by Imidazolim Dichromate: A Kinetic and Mechanistic study

Kumar Devendra, Baghmar Manju and Choudhary Anurag

Page No. 101-106; doi:; Full Text

14. Low-Cost Synthesis of MnTiO3 Perovskite Nanomaterial and their applications in Adsorption of Trypan Blue from Wastewater

Bhavyasree A.B., Latha K.P. and Jayanna H.S.

Page No. 107-112; doi:; Full Text

15. Synthesis and cytotoxicity of Mannich Base of Benzimidazole Derivatives against Neuroblastoma Cell line

Vasuki B., Mahadevan N., Sekar V., Vijayabaskaran M. and Senthil V.

Page No. 113-119; doi:; Full Text

16. Development and Validation of RP-HPLC Method for the simultaneous determination of Nirmatrelvir and Ritonavir in bulk and pharmaceutical formulation

Gandhi Santosh Kumar and Mandal Badal Kumar

Page No. 120-127; doi:; Full Text

17. Recent Progress on Promising Antimicrobial activities related to 1,3,4-thiadiazole and its derivatives

Gautam A.

Page No. 128-134; doi:; Full Text

18. Bacterial enzymes for azo dye degradation: an insight

Patel Jay N., Vaishnav Darshit K., Joshi Pavan R. and Tipre Devayani R.

Page No. 135-148; doi:; Full Text