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Synthesis, Characterization and Conductivity Studies of Poly(p-phenylenediazomethine)/Polyethylene blends

Princy K.G., Vidya Francis and Rani Joseph

Res. J. Chem. Environ; Vol. 27(8); 139-146; doi:; (2023)

The structural requirement for a conducting polymer is a conjugated π electron system. It can be easily oxidised or reduced by charge -transfer agents which are called dopants. In the present study, a new conducting polymer based on glyoxal and p-phenylene diamine was synthesized in DMF and was characterized by IR spectra, GPC and TGA. In-situ polymerization of glyoxal and p-phenylenediamine was done in DMF containing different amounts of PE.

The D.C. conductivity and the effect of dopants like HC1O4, HCl and 12 on conductivity of each sample was studied. The D.C. conductivity of the samples increased on doping with HCI, HC1O4 and iodine while the D.C. conductivity of all blends decreased with increase in the amount of polyethylene.