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Novel triazolo pyridine derivatives and their anti cancer activity

Kumara Swamy M. and Bhaskar K.

Res. J. Chem. Environ.; Vol. 28(1); 21-26; doi:; (2024)

A series of novel triazole functionalized trifluoromethyl pyridine derivatives was prepared starting from pyridine 1. Compound 1 on reaction with sulphuric acid gave compound 2 which on chlorination followed by hydrazine hydrate and obtained compound 3 and 4. Compound 4 on reaction with diverse substituted aliphatic and aromatic acid chlorides produced amide derivatives 4a-h and 5a-h.

All the final compounds were evaluated for anti cancer activity against four human cancer cell lines such as HeLa - Cervical cancer (CCL-2); COLO 205- Colon cancer (CCL-222); HepG2- Liver cancer (HB-8065); MCF7 - Breast cancer (HTB-22). Promising compounds 4f and 4g were identified.