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Early Publication/Fast Track

Many times authors feel that their manuscripts should be reviewed early or should be published earlier because of either thesis submission or thesis interview or promotion of authors in interviews. In such cases, we have decided that authors should make payment for early review or early publication or both.

Normally review takes 60 days from date of submission. If one wants early reciew in 30 days then author or authors should pay total Rs. 4000/- for Indians and US $ 300 for international. Early review does not mean acceptance of manuscript. Your manuscript may be accepted or may be rejected. On rejection there is no refund.

If manuscript is accepted by experts, then publication without any payment takes 4-5 months in normal course depending upon queue. If one wants early publication in two months after acceptance of manuscript, then author or authors should pay total Rs. 10000/- for Indians and US $ 500 for internationals.

After receiving the payment, we will put the manuscript into fast track for early review or early publication as desired by you.

Withdrawal Policy

Authors wish to withdraw their manuscripts:

(i) for any alteration or addition

(ii) review or publication process getting delayed at our end

(iii) if their manuscripts have been published in other journals and they kept us in dark that manuscripts have been submitted to our journals only (Authors should strictly follow the rule that manuscripts should be submitted only to one journal)

(iv) if their manuscripts have been rejected by us

(v) any other reason

In all such cases, our policy is that authors will be allowed to withdraw only when their manuscripts have been rejected by us. If authors withdraw without our permission, then we will inform to their university as it is illegal and unethical.

If authors request us for withdrawal except for reason (iv), then we can allow them to withdraw on payment of Rs. 5000/- total for Indians and US $ 300 total for International authors. We are taking these payments because we pay to reviewers as review process starts on the next day of submission of manuscript.

Change in the names/numbers of authors

Many times corresponding author requests us to add or delete the names of authors at the last moment, then names of the authors can be deleted only after our permission. If authors are to be added at the last moment, then we have decided that we can allow addition of authors only when newly added authors become annual or fellow members of WRA.