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Paper Received
1. After receipt of the paper online at our website or by email at, we will check first whether it is as per format of the journal. If not, author will be asked to submit it again as per instructions to authors. Authors must check the current issue of the journal for format.

2. Declaration/copyright form to be given by the authors regarding manuscript is must. If authors do not provide the declaration, then it will be assumed that authors are following all our policies. Our rules are binding on all the authors and manuscripts will be reviewed.

3. Manuscripts, references, tables and figures should be loaded all together. Declaration/copyright form should be attached separately.

4. After receipt of manuscript, it will be sent to two experts for review.

5. Manuscript accepted or rejected will be notified to corresponding author by email within 60 days of receipt of the manuscript. Acceptance letter will be sent to corresponding author within 60 days of receipt of manuscript.

6. Website will never show acceptance or rejection. Those authors who wish to know status of their manusript should write to us at email: with following details:

I. Name of the corresponding author ; II. Name of the journal.; III. Title of the manuscript.; IV. Date of submission of manuscript.

S.N.Title of MenuScriptDateAuthor Name
1Highly regioselective ring opening of epoxides with sodium azide and aniline using heterogeneous chitosan cobalt (II) complex3/25/2019 2:49:54 PMLourdusamy Emmanuvel
2A Critical Assessment of Economic Instruments as a Water Scarcity Mitigation Tool1/2/2020 12:37:23 PMIrfan, Zareena Begum
3Unsubmitted3/31/2020 2:10:51 AMUnsubmitted
4Application of nanoparticles in radiation therapy for cancer patients4/8/2020 3:22:51 PMSrinivasan S