Kesar hillock was a barren land since centuries. Directors Dr. Jyoti Garg and Dr. Megha Garg of WRA purchased this barren land of area 25 acre and founder Dr. S.L. Garg made an initiative to plant 50,000 trees here which is a very difficult job as there is no water on hillock. Therefore, we purchase water and we have started planting since last one year. From June 2018 to June 2019, we have planted more than 10000 trees of Mango, Guava, Dragon Fruit, Papaya, Aonla, Teakwood, Shisham, Kachanar, Gulmohar, Khamar, Paras pipal, Pipal, Banyan, Neem, Olive and so on. We are also growing vegetables like Loki, Gilki, Karela, Bhindi, Tomato, Tinda and so on. There are many flowering plants like Rose, Sun Flower, Genda etc.
We wish to plant 50,000 trees on this barren land so that we may serve the humanity and mother earth. Mhow is military head quarter of Indian Army and all army people come here for training. Mhow was supposed to be very green and full of water in Britishers time and even 20 years ago but with concrete jungles, the situation has changed and it is very hot at Mhow with very less greenery. Therefore we have decided to plant 50,000 trees to make this land a good forest for comforts of our army people and residents of Mhow. Everyone is requested to help us in our noble drive. We will also try to cure people having various diseases through plants, flowers and vegetables.
Here are 100 photographs of our hillock of March 2019.
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