Research Journal of Quantum Computations

and Physical Systems

Research Journal of Quantum Computations and Physical Systemsystems

Dr. Jyoti Garg

Sector AG/80, Vijay Nagar,
A.B. Road, Indore, 452010,

General Information

Name: Research Journal of Quantum Computations and Physical Systems
(Regularly published double blind peer reviewed online journal; Publication is free of cost in our journals)
Periodicity: Half Yearly
E-ISSN: .......
Published from Year: 2018

Aim and Scope

We invite Research Papers, Short Communications, Case Studies and Review Papers in any field related to Quantum Computations and Physical Systems.

1) To design algorithms based on the Schrodinger evolution and noisy schrondinger evolution for the realization of quantum unitary gates that will be used to design quantum computers implementation signal processing algorithms like QFT, factorization phase estimation etc.

2) To generate entanglement of states using noisy Schrodinger evolution for quantum communication. Further to design quantum receivers that will sense quantum electromagnetic fields indicates on them.

3) The Physical systems used for implementing quantum computation algorithms will be ion trap setup involving interaction of electromagnetic and non-abelian gauge fields with ions and elementary particles.


We welcome your submission to our blind peer reviewed, international half yearly journal “Research Journal of Quantum Computations and Physical Systems” (E-ISSN:.....) which will be published regularly from December 2018.

As you know, Quantum Computations and Physical Systems have got immense potential in growth and development of an individual and institution, therefore we wish to have your guidance, blessings, manuscripts and contributions for the journal. This journal deals in all aspects of Quantum Computations and Physical Systems.

Submissions will be sent to two experts for review and if both the experts approve, then we accept the paper for publication. We will be continually improving the journal, with the goal of having one of the ten best international journals in the world. Therefore, we are presently in search of a good team of editors, associate editors, co-editors, regional editors, subject editors and conference editors throughout the world. Our interdisciplinary journal publishes only the most cutting-edge research, with the goal of connecting researchers to develop various research projects in consultation with a variety of industry partners for the benefit of mankind.

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We request you to recommend our journal for manuscripts to friends and your colleagues. We also request you to contribute research papers in our journal at earliest. Your manuscripts, contributions, suggestions about journals and congress are welcome.