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Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment

Vol. 24(Special Issue I), 2020

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Research Papers

1. Improvement in the performance of solar cells through the deposition of nano particles for avoiding surface reflections
- Rajesh Kumar B., Sundararaju K., Ishwarya S. and Senthil Kumar R.

2. Experimental Investigation of NOx Emission from Eucalyptus-Antioxidants Blends Powered DI Diesel Engine
- Senthur N.S., Ram Ganesh H., Shafquath Ibn Sulthan S. and Avudaiyappan A.M.

3. Kinetics and Modeling studies of elimination of toluene vapour in a packed column bioreactor
- Sundar B., Saravanan V. and Rajasimman M.

4. Determination of thermal conductivity of Areca husk fiber by Lee’s disc method
- Chethan G., Sunil K.C., Achari Sandesh and Narayana Y.

5. A Study on Modern Innovations in Nano Technology for Harvesting Solar Energy and Energy Storage
- Bagyalakshmi Shanmugam and Sujeen Raj Kumar

6. Optical Properties of TSP: NaNO3 Biopolymer Electrolyte
- Gnana kiran M., Krishna Jyothi N., Samatha K., Rao M.P. and Vijayakumar K.

7. An enhanced solution for Dynamic Economic Emission scheduling using Biogeography based Optimization Algorithm
- Balamurgan K., Umamaheswari K., Subhasree J., Thiruvenkidu V., Rhithik M., Sangeetha T. and Sathyapriya G.

8. Characterisation of Diethyl ether Blended Waste Plastic Oil used as a Fuel in Variable Compression Ratio Engine – An Experimental Study
- Budda Govinda Rao, Yellapragada Datta Bharadwaz and Pittala Sai Radha Krishna

9. Thermal analysis of Acacia Arabica and Pencil Cactus fiber hybrid polymer composites
- Sakthi Vadivel K. and Govindasamy P.

10. Experimental investigation on waste foundry sand for effective utilization in building construction
- Manikandan A., Anandha Raj L. and Aravindh P.

11. Solar Dryer Integrated with Thermal Energy Storage Systems for the Preparation of Dry Grapes in the Farmyard: Sustainable Rural Farming Approach
- Bharani Priya A., Dineshkumar M., Naveen Romi J., Vijay Nepolean A. and Kirubakaran V.

12. Renewable Energy Integrated Waste Water Treatment For Handloom Dying Units: An Experimental Study
- Nilofar Nisha J., Arun Prakash M., Vignesh P., Bharath Ponvel M. and Kirubakaran V.

13. Analytical Hierarchy process (AHP) of different pre-treatment methods used for the preparation of lignocellulose materials as raw material for ethanol production
- Magesh A., Rajesh Kannan R. and Jayabalan K.

14. Performance enhancement of Solar flat plate collectors
- Abubakkar A., Rajagopal T., Vikram S. and Sridhar C.

15. Exergy Analysis of Ideal Otto Cycle with Oxy-Fuel and Exhaust Gas Recirculation
- Yazharasu A., Rajagopal T. and Karthick U.

16. Biofiltration of xylene and toluene in pure and mixed forms in a biofilter
- Saravanan V. and Rajasimman M.

17. Performance enhancement of CRDI Diesel Engine by chlorella vulgaris microalgae - derived methyl ester with high pressure fuel injection
- Arangarajan M., Raja A. and Syed Aalam C.

18. Spatial Impacts of Factories in Groundwater Quality in Karur Using GIS
- Krishnakumar S., Venkatasubramani. R., Sreevidya V., Deepika S., Preethi Nanthini L., Sundaresan K. and Surya S.

19. Aerial Tramway from Aliyar to Valparai
- Krishnakumar S., Venkatasubramani R., Dharmadurai A., Murali Krishnan S., Suresh Kumar A. and Mohamed Ibrahim M.

20. Mitigation of Exhaust Emission from CRDI Diesel Engine through Post Fuel Injection Strategy with the use of Central Composite Design
- Syed Aalam C. and Thirunavukkarasu M.

21. Performance Analysis of Self Curing Concrete using Super Absorbent Polymer with Recycled Coarse Aggregate
- Latha Chinnaswamy, Hariharan V., Mohanraj K., Yogavasanth B. and Harish Kumar R.V.

22. Development of an advanced enzyme reusable saccharification process of waste paper pulp sludge materiel through membrane bioreactor system: a concept towards green solid waste management practices for PPS material
- Pinaki Dey, Vani C., Angel Abraham, Manisha Tripathy, Jobin Mathew and Greeshma C.V.

23. Analysis of Solar Tunnel Dryer Performance with Red Chili drying in two intervals
- Ragul Kumar N., Muthukkannan Natarajan, Ayyappan S. and Karunaraja Natarajan

24. Experimental Study On Properties Of Concrete With Eco-Sand And Demolished Concrete As Replacement To Fine Aggregate And Coarse Aggregate
- Sathish Kumar P.S., Subhashini S., Saravanakumar N., Priyatharsini S. and Bhuvaneshwaran A.

25. Experimental study on mechanical properties of concrete using silica fume and eco sand
- Manikandan A., Vignesh M., Keerthana G., Mohan Ram Krishnan T. and Swathika D.

26. Automatic detection and monitoring of water impurities in smart city
- Thirumarai Selvi C., Amudha J. and Vinothkumar B.

27. Photo Voltaic Powered Sailing Boat
- Amudha J., Vinothkumar B. and Thirumarai Selvi C.

28. A comparative study on strengthening of peat and expansive soils using electro-osmosis consolidation – A case study from Tamil Nadu, India
- Syed Masoodhu S., Venkatasubramani R., Arumairaj P.D. and Natarajan N.

29. Solving Economic Load Dispatch Using JAYA Optimization Algorithm
- Balamurugan K., Umamaheswari K., Prabhu Raj M., Nivetha S., Giriprasad K., Ravirahul M., Guhaneeswaran V. and Arun R.M.

Case Study

30. Energy conservation measures in coir industry – A Case Study
- Chitra L., Senthilkumar A. and Rameshkumar M.

Review Papers