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Income Tax PAN No. AACCW2124L; Niti Aayog Unique ID MP/2018/0209358
Donations to WRA are exempted under 80-G.

Wish you all Happy 2024. Our journals are open access journals and no fees is charged for acceptance and publication. Please adopt a tree by donating Rs. 7000/- for maintenance for 5 years for our 50000 trees plantation project.


• No publication charges
(Payments only for early publication).
• Rejection rate 40%.
• Publication one month ahead.
For example, the April 2024 issue will be published by us in last week of February 2024 online and so on.
• Many advantages to Fellow Members.

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Annual Member Annual Certificate

Annual membership is yearly membership of our associations.
All our annual members (Individual and Institutional) can access all our journals for one year.

By joining us as annual member after paying annual membership, you are entitled for:-

1. MWRA Certificate - a beautiful colored certificte towards annual membership of World Researchers Associations will be e-mailed to you and you can use title MWRA for one year as mark of your keen interest in research and your profession e.g. Dr. J.K. Lee, Ph.D., MWRA.

2. MWRA Certificate for institutes/associations/organizations will be given to Head of the Institute.

3. You access all our journals being published by us for one year only.

4. Annual members either as main author or as co-author can submit 4 to 6 manuscripts in a year. Review and publication will be as per our policy in normal routine courses.

5. You become a part of larger group and you get associated with members of other organizations.

6. You will be invited as editor/reviewer not only for our journals but other journals of the world as well depending upon your CV and research interest.

7. You can be introduced to various conference organizers to be invited as keynote speaker or invites speaker to deliver talks on your areas of research in our conferences as well as other conferences of the world.

8. Annual membership should be renewed every year and it will be applicable from January to December.

9. Student members should submit proof of age and institute certificate/ID while submitting the application form.

Annual Membership

India and Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan


Rs. 5000/-
Rs. 8000/-
US $ 500
US $ 800

If you do not wish to make online payment, then you can make payment by net banking (NEFT; RTGS) or by draft or by multicity cheques. Please add US $ 30 towards bank charges for international payments and Rs. 150 towards bank charges for payment in India. If you wish to make payment through PayPal, then our email id for PayPal is:-