Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment

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Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment

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Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment

Dr. Jyoti Garg

Sector AG/80, Vijay Nagar,
A.B. Road, Indore, 452010,

Vol. 24(11) November 2020

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Research Papers

1. Concentration dependent comparison of antibacterial potentials of bulk and nano copper oxide
- Gupta Vijayta, Kant Vinay, Sharma Samriti and Meena Sharma

2. Anticataract Activity of Galls of Quercus infectoria (Aleppo oak) on Glucose-Induced cataractogenesis using goat eye lens
- D’souza Myrene R.

3. Optimization of carbon mitigation efficiency of native microalgal species -Chlamydomonas globosa cultured under intermittent Supply of CO2
- Menon Karthika S. and Harilal C.C.

4. Capsicum Annuum Longum Stalk, A Prospective Sorbent for the Removal of Mercury from Simulated Waste Water: Kinetic and Thermodynamic Studies
- Swamy Akshatha G., Arland Shivanjali Esther, Kumar Jyotsna and Batakurki Sheetal

5. Investigation of Fish Genetic Diversity based on Nucleotide Composition of Mahseer, Tor sp. from Rajasthan
- Summarwar Sudha, Yadav K.P. and Kumar Harendra

6. Electrochemical analysis of oxytetracycline via the reaction of azo coupling by aniline
- Hayat EL Ouafy, Tarik EL Ouafy, Aziz EL Haimouti and Moulay Abderrahim EL Mhammedi

7. Optimization of Epoxidation Oleic Acid Derived from Palm Kernel Oil by Peracids Mechanism
- Jalil Mohd Jumain

8. Isolation, morphological, biochemical and functional characterization of Rhizobial residents in Vigna radiata from north east plane zone of Bihar
- Malik Sumira, Kumar Ganesh, Shekhar Shashank and Paul Supratim

9. New Natural Coagulant for Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) Removal from Domestic Wastewater
- Layla Abdulkareem Mokif

10. Synthesis of ionic imprinted membrane of gold (Au) particles based on polyeugenol using ethylene glycol dimethacrylate as a cross link agent
- Muhammad Cholid Djunaidi, Linda Puspita Octaviani and Nor Basid Adiwibawa Prasetya

11. Indium Triflate Catalysed Efficient Synthesis of Quinoline Derivatives by Three Component One Pot Aza-Diels-Alder Reaction Strategy
- Bhuyan Debajyoti

12. Ozone exposure promoting growth of Oryzae sativa (Rice) seedlings and inhibiting its pathogen Xanthomonas oryzae
- Prashanthi Rajaram, Nagagireesh Bojanala and Nagarathna Amresh

13. Water quality modelling of river Daya near Bhubaneswar, India
- Agrawal Kamal Kishore, Panda Chittaranjan and Bhuyan Mahendra Kumar

14. Flavonoid Compounds from leaf of Kalanchoe tomentosa
- Lilis Siti Aisyah, Yenny Febriani Yun and Adelia Ilfani

15. Molecular structure and vibrational spectroscopic studies of 2-(4-methoxyphenyl)-4H-chromen-4-one
- Nirwan R.S. and Shelar R.N.

16. Climatic influence on aerosol distribution in a suburban National Capital Region, India
- Das Prabhu Prasad, Yadav Neenu and Garsa Kalpana

17. Degradation of Azure A using Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes (MWCNTs)-Zinc Oxide Composite
- Kapoor Neha, Ameta Rakshit and Ameta Suresh C.

18. Adsorption of nitrate anions by Fe-loaded chitosan nutmeg shell powder: Equilibrium, kinetics and thermodynamics
- Pothiyil Veeravu Haseena, Chandran M. Akash, Gopal Madhu and Sahoo Dipak Kumar

19. Efficient and ecofriendly synthesis of an antihistamine drug - Fexofenadine hydrochloride
- Kompelli Sarat and Veera Raghava Sharma G.

Review Papers