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Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment

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Save Earth; Save Environment

Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment

UGC Approved Journal
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Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment

Dr. Jyoti Garg

Sector AG/80, Vijay Nagar,
A.B. Road, Indore, 452010,

Vol. 23(11) November 2019

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Research Papers

1. Biosorption of Fe (II) by Scenedesmus sp. in batch and continuous systems
- Devi Anuradha, Gupta Rajiv, Singhal Anupam and Verma Sanjay Kumar

2. Targeting Apoptosis by inhibiting cMET amplification due to EGFR Resistance using Benzofuran Derivatives
- Sreelakshmi M., Jojiya Grace George, Rohan Mishra and Aneesh T.P.

3. Virtual Screening of Apigenin Derivative Compounds acting as Antioxidant using Molecular Docking Method
- Mulatsari Esti, Mumpuni Esti, Martati Titiek and Wijaya Frans

4. Electrochemical and biological studies of newly synthesized metal complexes containing imidazole derivatives
- Boomadevi Janaki G. and Joseph Raj Xavier

5. Antibacterial constituents from Morus macroura
- Jasmansyah, Hakim Euis H. and Syah Yana M.

6. Preliminary phytochemical screening of a medicinally important cucurbit Citrullus colocynthis (L.) Schard.
- Ramakrishna D., Suvarchala V., Chaitanya G. and Shasthree T.

7. Biochemical characterization of α-amylase from Bacillus cereus MTCC 10202 and its potential application in fabric desizing
- Kalaiarasi K. and Parvatham R.

8. Bioactive oligostilbenoids from Shorea leprosula Miq.
- Aisyah Salihah Kamarozaman, Norizan Ahmat, Fatin Nur Syahirah Mohamad Sharif, Nurul Atikah Azmi, Muhammad Sulaiman Mohd Johari, Zetty Zulikha Hafiz, Mohd Ilham Adenan and Nik Fatini Nik Azmin

9. Early seedling growth responses and anatomical variations in Ganga Safed-2 maize genotype under chromium and water deficit stress
- Hirve Mamta and Jain Meeta

10. Formulation and evaluation of effervescent granule of avocado (Persea americana mill.) leaves extract as antioxidant beverage
- Nyi Mekar Saptarini and Ginayanti Hadisoebroto

11. Synthesis and antimicrobial evaluation of pyrimidines derived from chalcones
- Manohare Sachin V. and Thakare Suresh S.

12. Effect of Soil Contamination by Some Azo Dyes on the Seed Germination and Plant Growth of Green Gram (Phaseolus aureus)
- Rao T.V.R.K., Kumari Chanchal and Kumar Arjun

13. Three New Diels-Alder Type Adducts from Root Cultures Media of Morus alba var. shalun
- Rizki Fitriani, Nizar Happyana and Euis Holisotan Hakim

14. Nickel hyperaccumulation associated genetic changes in Cataranthus roseus (L.) G. Don
- Bhattacharjee Minakshi, Sarma Manash Pratim and Barbhuyan Ruksana

15. Photochemistry of Levofloxacin antibiotics: Direct photodegradation and antimicrobial activity changes
- Ahmad Waseem and Shekhawat Bhumika

16. Hierarchically porous structured carbons from Abutilon Indicum Biomass for Superior Performance of Symmetric Aqueous Supercapacitor
- Thileep Kumar Kumaresan, Shanmugharaj Andikkadu Masilamani, Kalaivani Raman and Raghu Subashchandrabose

17. Chemotaxonomical significance of laevifonol from Shorea leprosula
- Rosmawaty, Elvira Hermawati, Lia D. Juliawaty and Yana M. Syah

18. Studies on Biogas Production by Anaerobic Digestion of Fruit and Vegetable waste
- Bhattacharjee Akash and Mondal Chanchal

Review Paper

19. Review on silicon and thin film based solar cells
- Ho Soonmin and Yousaf Hameed Khattak