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Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment

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Save Earth; Save Environment

Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment

UGC Approved Journal
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Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment

Dr. Jyoti Garg

Sector AG/80, Vijay Nagar,
A.B. Road, Indore, 452010,

Vol. 24(2) February 2020

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Research Papers

1. Desorption of 3d transition metal ions from NR/PEO block copolymer chelating exchanger
- Mrudula M.S. and Gopinathan Nair M.R.

2. Soil Adsorption Study of Malathion Insecticide and predicting its Leaching Potential
- Kashyap Rajinder Kumar and Sharma Devender Kumar

3. Morphological and Biochemical Effects of Zinc and Molybdenum elements on in vitro shoot multiplication in Amsonia orientalis
- Yonca Duman

4. Regression studies of binary complexes of bipyridyl with transition metal ions
- Shaikh Abdul Rahim, Khan A.J. and Farooqui Mazahar

5. Antidiabetic activity of Tenebrio molitor linn powder by oral glucose tolerance test to swiss webster male mice
- Erwin Samsul, Andreanus A. Soemardji, Siti Kusmardiyani and Hadi Kuncoro

6. Synthesis and characterization of novel swollen cross-linked poly acrylic acid
- Patel Zalak J., Patel Mukesh C., Chatrabhuji Parimal M., Patel Dharmesh R., Patel Viral A. and Kumbhani Jasmin H.

7. Optimization involving chemistry, mechanism of esterification process of acetic acid using response surface methodology for the microcontroller based automated reactor with sulfonated carbon as catalyst
- Bhusari Amol A., Mazumdar Bidyut, Rathod Ajit P. and Sonawane Shriram S.

8. Removal of cadmium from contaminated soil using soapnut, shikakai, rhamnolipids and EDTA
- Ugwu Elijah Chibuzo, Adebayo Adeloye and Sengupta Bhaskar

9. Identification of flavonoid compounds from ethyl acetate extract of Kalanchoe millotii (Crassulaceae) and endodontics antibacterial activity
- Yenny Febriani Yun, Issana Pramordha Wardhani, Nurhabibah Alawiyah, Dewi Meliati Agustini, Lilis Siti Aisyah, Sari Purbaya, Unang Supratman and Yoshihito Shiono

10. Recurrence of zinc oxide photocatalyst in the decolorisation of malachite green by photo oxidation method
- Kavitha C.

11. Enhanced Separation of Gold and Silver from Thiosulfate Leach Liquor on Activated Carbon
- Mahmoud Mohamed H.H. and Hessien Mahmoud M.

12. Effect of zinc sulphate on antimicrobial activity of Clitoria ternatea
- Kumar Dinesh, Gajbhiye Archana, Nagda Vipin and Arora Asha

13. Cytotoxic activity of chemical constituents from tree bark of Calophyllum castaneum
- Wartono Muhammad W., Juliawaty Lia D. and Syah Yana M.

14. Kinetics of Oxidation of Acetanilide by Imidazolium fluorochromate
- Vellaisamy M. and Sharmila M.

15. Green synthesis of Fungal Chitin and Chitosan and their Characterization Studies - Gachhi Dhanashree and Hungund Basavaraj

16. Effect of Aniline as Corrosion inhibitor on the Corrosion of Aluminium in Hydrochloric Acid Solution
- Husaini Musa, Usman Bishir, Ibrahim Muhammad Adamu and Ibrahim Muhammad Bashir

17. Phenylpropanoids and flavones from Asystasia gangetica (L) T. Anderson var. micrantha (Acanthaceae)
- Isna Athirah Othman, Norizan Ahmat and Sharifah Aminah Syed Mohamad

18. The antifungal effect of the main monoterpenes of the essential oil of Artemisia herba alba var. huguetii (Caball.) Maire of the region of Ouarzazate-Morocco when tested against strains of Candida
- Amine Sanae, Kouoh Elombo Ferdinand, Eto Bruno, El hamzaoui Najia, Bouzoubaa Amal, Mahjoubi Malika and Zair Touriya

19. Buchwald-Hartwig amination strategy for synthesis of phenylurea-pyrimidine derivatives
- Thummar Sandeep and Bhatt Vasishta

20. Ruthenium(III) catalyzed oxidation of perazinedimaleate by diperiodatocuprate (III) in aqueous alkaline medium – A kinetic and mechanistic approach
- Govindrajnaj Nayak T., Vidyadhar Havanur C. and Abdulazizkhan Harihar L.

Review Papers

21. Peroxide value in foods
- Febrina Amelia Saputri and Andriati Khoerunnisa

22. Ecotoxicological Bioassays: An innovative tool for wastewater pollution control
- Berrebaan I., Montassir L. and Bessi H.

23. Microbial and plant assisted remediation of Benzo[α]pyrene from soil and aqueous environment
- Mandal Sanjeeb Kumar, Das Devlina and Das Nilanjana