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Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment

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Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment

Dr. Jyoti Garg

Sector AG/80, Vijay Nagar,
A.B. Road, Indore, 452010,

Vol. 25(4) April 2021

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Research Papers

1. Crosslinking and physical properties of poly (ethylene-co-vinyl acetate) produced by autoclave and tubular reactors
- De Lemos Cristovao and Robert Arnaud Roland Alain

2. Chemical constituents and antibacterial activities of essential oils from aerial parts of three Limnophila species (Scrophulariaceae) in Southern Vietnam
- Hong Thien Van, Thanh Truc Do, Thao Nguyen Luu, Van Son Le and Van Dat Doan

3. Synthesis, Spectral Analysis and Synthetic Applications of a Few Hexavalent Chromium Complexes of Propanedioic Acid
- Katre Sangita D.

4. Optimization of universal Chrome Azurol S (CAS) siderophore detecting media with an economical dye substitute using Pseudomonas fluorescens as a test organism
- Jakhad Sushma, Kothari Neeti, Rampurawala Sarrah, Shah Pratibha and Gupta Hajra A.S.

5. Feasibility Analysis of Coal Combustion Residues as Fertilizer for Agricultural Use
- Kumar Ritesh, Kumar Ajit, Sundararajan Muniyan, Sharma Sadanand and Arora Charu

6. Role of [N - (O-Hydroxy Benzylidene) Pyridine -2-Amine] (NOHBPA) in Extractive Spectrophotometric Determination of Nickel (II)
- Makhijani Ritika, Navale Dinesh and Barhate Vasant

7. Kinetic Modelling of competitive interaction between Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus at different temperatures
- Sivaprakash B.

8. Photo catalytic degradation of Malachite Green using TiO2 –Fly ash Nanocomposite
- Lila Bhai T.S., Subha C.S., Madhu G. and Roy M. Thomas

9. Conformations of some α β- unsaturated carbonyl compounds and interpretation of electronic spectra
- Virdi Ajit

10. A comparative analysis on Pb(II) removal from wastewater using peels of Citrus limetta and leaves of Brassica campestris by biosorption method
- Gupta Vikal, Dev Kapil and Rathore Sawai Singh

11. Synthesis and characterization of some [RuCl3L1L2] complexes with macrocyclic ligands
- Kanaoujiya Rahul, Maurya Ajeet Kumar, Modanawal Vishnu Kumar and Srivastava Shekhar

12. Bio-Reduction of Hexavalent chromium using Punica Granatum leaves: optimization, kinetic and thermodynamic study
- Toufek Metidji, Hacene Bendjeffal, Abdelkrim Djebli, Hadjer Mamine, Hamida Bekakria and Yacine Bouhedja

13. Vitamin B12 production and cholesterol reduction activity of Pediococcus pentosaceus isolates from fermented Indian foods
- Walhe Rajan A., Patole Milind S. and Diwanay Sham S.

14. Syntheses and Characterization of Cu(II)/Ni(II) Metal Complexes of a Reduced Schiff Base Ligand Derived from L-Methionine
- Kumar Raman, Sahoo Subash Ch and Nanda Prasant K.

15. Synthesis, characterization and biological evaluation of new mixed ligand complex (derived from Schiff base)
- Shabana P., Chaitantya Kumar B.R. and Sudhkar Babu K.

16. Microwave Assisted Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles with Leaf of Ficus racemosa and its in vitro Antibacterial Analysis and Dye Catalytic Activity
- Maurya Akhilesh Kumar, Upadhyaya Sonal, Gupta Akshi, Jeya kumar Ebenezer, Rubina Lawrence and Mishra Nidhi

17. Degradation of tannery waste water by SBR using salt tolerant microorganisms with wheat bran sorbent
- Durai G., Rajasimman M., Ramsenthil R., Rathakrishnan P. and Krishnaprabakaran E.

18. Gas Sensing Application of Ceria, Cassiterite and Ceria-Cassiterite Nanocomposite
- Mane C.B., Pawar R.P., Tapase A.S., More H.S., Jadhav B.V. and Patil R.P.

19. Biological and chemical synthesis of CuO nanoparticles: A comparative study for yield attributes and characterization
- Gupta Akshita, Tandon Moksh and Kaur Anupreet

20. Determination of Saxagliptin in Bulk and Pharmaceutical Formulation using Stability indicating RP-HPLC Method with DAD Detector
- Pathak Shilpi and Mishra Pradeep

21. Synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial evaluation of diorganotin(IV) complexes containing 1,2,4-triazole derivative as Schiff base ligands
- Devi Jai and Yadav Jyoti

22. Antioxidant and Anticancer Activities of Roots of Catharanthus roseus (L.) G.Don
- Keerthana S., Mahalakshmi S., Kavitha S., Ramesh Babu N.G., Sivaraj C. and Arumugam P.

23. A facile synthesis of DBSA doped poly (aniline-co-3-bromoaniline) nanostructured copolymer: Its electro active properties
- Vijayanand P.S., Jeeva A., Mahudeswaran A., Suzuki Seiichi and Kojima Toshinori

24. Value added products from agricultural residue of sweet sorghum bagasse
- Kodi Anusha, Mamilla Shyam Sunder and Sundergopal Sridhar

25. Structural Characterization DNA Binding and Antibacterial Studies of Transition Metal complexes with 2-formylpyridine acetoylhydrazone (FPAH): X-Ray Structure Determination of Co(FPAH)2Cl.2H2O Complex
- Anuja K., Hussain Reddy K., Nagamani Y.B., Srinivasulu K. and Dhanalakshmi D.

26. Degradation of Pendimethalin in aqueous medium by Fenton’s and Electro generated Fenton’s oxidation
- Praneesh M., Babu V. and Anu Gopinath

27. Isolation and identification of an antioxidant constituent from Satyrium nepalense (Himalayan Orchid)
- Kawra Monika, Saklani Sarla and Parcha Versha

28. Antioxidant Properties of Dracocephalum kotschyi and Synthesis of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles using an Herbal Extract to assess the Antibacterial Properties of the Biologically Synthesized Nanostructure
- Zahra Goli and Izanloo Cobra

29. Sustainable Agro Landuse Evaluation through Life Cycle Assessment for Sugarcane Cultivation in Cauvery Deltaic Regions of India
- Parthiban P., Alagar Raj K. and Das A.

30. Synthesis of nickel oxide nanoparticles for the assessment of antioxidant and antibacterial potentials: concentration and time dependent approach
- Gupta Vijayta, Kant Vinay, Mehta Madhuri and Sharma Meena

Review Papers

31. A review on bacteriocin nanoconjugate for effective delivery system
- Kumari Chandrika and Sachan Ashish

32. A revıew of the antıoxıdant actıvıty of Apıum Graveolens
- Merve Bat-Özmatara

33. Chiral Salen-metal complexes in asymmetric synthesis
- Nallaparaju Jagadeesh Varma, Ponugoti Sai Srinivas, Kumbhar Rohit Dattatray and Ponugoti Mounica